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A question on red stems during flowering...

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by billigreen, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. I am about 3 weeks into flowering and some of the stems of the fan leaves on the plant's top colas are turning a deep red. The leaf and bud colors are fine... Does anybody know what the red stems could mean? Thanks.
  2. It can b cold stress..
  3. Yea... I've heard it can be cold stress. But if anything, the grow room is too warm.... Any other ideas? A nutrient defficiency?
  4. it could b the strain
  5. In my first grow we did several strains at once, and a few of them started to get red-ish, or a bit purple, stems during flowering... We didnt have cold stress, thats for sure, and i can't say for sure whether or not it was nute burn/deficiency... However, since only some of the plants were affected, I would guess its possibly strain-specific
  6. this is normal. many strains do this as the plant matures. many strains
  7. i had some plants that turned purple and they were some pretty damn good somke for some bagseeds. so im pretty sure you will be okay.
  8. thanks fellas, were getting to the end of our first grow, its so exciting. i hope we get some perps, and we just germinated a seed we found in a bag we payed 20/gram for. some perty dank shit, hopefully it turns out to be female, but if its male i think we will cross it with one of the clones and see what that gives us.
  9. Red and purple stems and leaves could be OK or could not be -- you can't just say "yeah it's fine" or "that's a problem." True these colorations can occur naturally for certain strains and all is good. Also true that these colorations could mean temp and/or nute issues. How is your pH? Did you flush between veg and flower?
  10. red stems are fine.
    your plant is a little stressed in flowering because it is putting most its efforts into the flowers.
    that includes using nutrients stored in other leaves etc. yellowing leaves are common in flowering. use a high Phosphorus fertillizer and you should be fine.

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