A question on how to correctly dry and cure and what to do with the trimmings

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  1. How does cold affect the drying process, like lets say the room their hanging in is pitch black can vary from morning being 45 f, mid day 55 f, end of day 44 f

    Also what is the best thing to do with the trimmings and leaves around the bud sites? In your opinion, make edibles? Hash? BHO? Green dragon? What is the best choice
  2. those temps dont seem like they would be a problem too me

    as for trimmings, making hash/oil however you feel like making it hahahah
  3. Also, lets say after hanging for 5 days can they be moved to the curing process if they seem dry enough or do i have to do the brown paper bag method and then move it to curing as i am unfamiliar with the PB method and it seems that the hanging would be enough no?

  4. cool thanks for the quick response, just one more question, when i do go in to trim should i do it in the dark or can i turn the light on and then trim them then let them hang again for a few days and turn the light off as soon as im done trimming?
  5. Hey

    I have always trimmed under normal room lighting so I can see what the hell I am doing and it has never been a problem. I keep my drying area mostly dark for the entire time it dries tho.

    Also when they feel crispy after hanging for a while its usually a good idea to do a day or so in the paper bag to help even out the moisture in the middle of the buds really good so its really ready to cure in jars.

    With those temps I would expect drying to take a week or longer, compared to the usual 3-5 days hanging.

    Good luck

  6. Thank you for your help, i was wondering how the paper bag method did help the drying process, but that makes perfect sense to me. Should i cover the bottom of the bag with buds then strips of brown paper bag and more buds then repeat until full? or should i just line each brown bags bottom only?

    Also i have trimmed most of it however their not perfectly manicured yet when should i make them nice and perfect?

    And i dont mind them taking a little longer to dry, i'm assuming (i could be wrong) that drying in cooler temps and longer duration = smoother smoke?

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