a question on flowering?

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  1. My plant is about a month into flowering. Its budding fairly thickly but many of the flowers are browning and some are falling off.I have been giving it a reduced concentration of ferts but have decided to just go back to water to see if that makes a difference.

    Not sure if it is normal. Just wanted to know if anyone has had any similar experiences. I have been giving it a reduced concentration of ferts but have decided to just go back to water to see if that makes a difference.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. your gunna have to give us more details than that... indoor/outdoor? what ferts? what soil? container size?, ph of soil/water/runoff?
  3. Your flowers (buds) are falling off, or bottom leaves?

    Info is needed.

    Pot does tend to drop older leaves.

  4. Its actually the buds that are browning and falling off. I was just using a schultz bloom builder purchased at wal-mart 10-54-10. Using NatureMix potting soil and its an indoor plant. Also its a sativa if that makes a difference. The pot is a 2 gallon I believe.

    heres a pic

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  5. that's not good at all. I've not ever seen a bud fall off.

    Where are your big fan leaves? It not grow any?

    Nutes are good for budding, but what does the soil have in it?

    I have seen a fungus kill terminal buds. They would turn black and fall off. This sound familar?

  6. its not even really the full bud yet. Just individual flower sacs after they open many of them turn brown. There were never many fan leaves. The branches were much smaller before I started 12/12. About half of the flower sacs are still green and they seem strong but it seems odd to me.

    Its my first time growing though so I am very new to this.
  7. Wait a minute.....
    You growing a male MJ plant....so then it may be quite normal.
    Flowering sacks?
    You scare me....:eek:
    I never flowered a male MJ plant but I assume there is no need for the 'flowering sacks' to stay on the plant once it has dumped it's load.

  8. Man you had me twisted there. It's doing it's thang. You can capture some pollen for when you get a female.

    Male, dayum.
  9. no its budding and for sure a female. The fertilizer was the problem everything is getting green again.

    Thanks for the interest.
  10. Dude thats a male Brahhh. I can even tell with the crappy picture. The sacks that open like that are pollen that are wanting to fertelize a mother. Also the shultz bloom crap is junk. I hate the stuff. Makes your plantes wilt and die after the 3rd-4 week of flowering. Very bad experiences with the stuff. I tend to stick with fox farm's stuff. They are all organic and it is awsome.
  11. No wonder they're falling off then since they are male. That's a real bummer.
  12. well thats shitty. But now I can start again I guess. Anyone have any sativa strains they recommend?

    And thanks for the info, its nice to know sooner then later I guess.

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