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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Dr. Jones, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Hey All. I was not really sure where to ask this at but I've been reading the city for a bit and people here seem to be helpful here so I figured it would be worth a shot.

    I am a composer/ sound designer trying to break into the video game industry. The First step I am taking is setting up an LLC or sole proprietorship (I'm still new the workings of business and companies so I'm still weighing which would be the best way to go) and brand for myself. As the case is with most things image is important in making an impact. My Question is if there is a general price range if one were to commission a designer to create a Company Logo (and possibly the look of a web site) and if so what It might be. Thanks a bunch and have a good day.
  2. Logos are fairly cheap, I dont know about websites. I know a few people that could do a website for you, and I could probably handle a logo. is it 2d or 3d?
  3. Definitely 2D. I'm looking for something that would look good on the back side of a business card
  4. well you can make 3d look nice and flattened, But i think 2d would be cheaper from most people.

    Im way better with 3d so that would just be my preferred method
  5. I've done small logos and web banners for people. It's usually in the $35-$50 range if it's small and simple. Larger stuff goes for $40-$100. I don't do web design but a good web page can start around $50 and go upwards. The best thing to do is look around at designers, look at their work, and see what their prices are. Put up a wanted ad on craigslist or an art site and see what other's offer.
  6. Yeah I would say the best way for you to get off your feet would be to create a few designs yourself for fun and host a website

    I shouldn't really be giving advice though, I have yet to make my own website
  7. This won't hit my check book as hard as I frist expected. Thanks much for the input peeps.

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