A question from a Noob, what a surprise. (regarding harvest time)

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    Hello there,
    I'll try and keep this brief so as not to waste too much of your time, but basically i am a new grower, I am growing White Widow, and I am into my 6 1/2 week of flowering. I have been reading a lot about harvesting and curing and I am a bit stumped. One side seems to say screw looking at the trichromes, it is all about seeing those hairs turn color and recede and really letting that plant fully ripen so the buds are all ambery. The other side seems to say you look at your trichromes, if they are all cloudy and you harvest you get a cerebral high, if its more amber then you get a couchlock, you tinker with the amounts of each to see what high you like best, the general consensus seems to say between 10-15% amber.
    SO. What do I do? Am I looking for the hairs and recede and for the buds to go ambery, or am I looking at the trichromes??
    I ask only because I have noticed more and more of the trich's on my plant turning amber and I feel like this is a bit early for that to be happening, I want a cerebral high so I don't want too much amber if thats what is going to happen. If the amber does not matter, then I won't worry about it. 
    Thanks in advance!  :smoke:

  2. I'm like you I couldn't get a good enough scope to check so I went by my hairs not by the recede just by the amount of brown hairs there were on the plant when 3 quarters of them were brown around the entire plant I picked there were still heaps of white hairs but a day into drying they all turned brown an receded back I think I got it at a good time it was a nice smoke you don't want to harvest if the most part of your hairs are white around the plant this will be premature hope this helped any man
  3. I read a lot and wasn't sure still not sure which is the best to harvest some strains are genetic and are amber producing THC like indica cerebral comes more from Sativa's when fully mature....
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    I think white widow is 80% indica and 20% sativa so amber trichs ae compulsory I'd say otherwise you would be harvesting a premature plant and there is a difference between clear (premature) and cloudy... Make sure what your using to look at them is powerful enough to tell the dif bro
    Yeah I think this strain is a more on the sativa side then the indica side, but the website wouldn't quote numbers it just said "Majorily Sativa dominant". I have a microscope I got from the grow shop that can do 60X-100X, so I can see the trich's that isn't a problem. I'm  not too sure where I am supposed to look, so I check a bud on the bottom of the plant, one in the middle, and one on the top to see if there is any difference. They are all cloudy now, but only on some buds are they 10% amber, on others they are maybe 5%. 
    One of my plants is madly devouring itself compared to the other 3, the buds are getting very dense and crystally but it seems to be eating its own leaves one at a time. I feel like it is doing the death march compared to the other 3....
    I just want to know which theory is best to go by, let it fully ripen regardless of the type of plant or go by trich development?
  6. Post some pics?
  7. I used the trichome theory on my first couple grows, I recently did a northern light grow, I was looking at the tris (7 weeks in) and there were alot amber but the pistils were almost all white I let it go because of pistils, then the tris turned back to cloudy and from weeks 8 to week 9 the buds swelled up tremendously then they turned back to amber. I would have cheated myself if I chopped at week 7 .I dont know if different strains do this but it goes against everything I read, I'm gonna use both pistils and tris to tell when to harvest.
  8. Those "amber" trichina can also be reflection of hps in the trichome. I have noticed them go away wen I hid the opening from that light source.

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