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A question from a first time grower

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by mushr00ms, Jan 25, 2012.

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    Hi, I want to grow outside guerilla style. I'm located in southern Ontario. I plan on growing Texada Timewarp and some other early flowering strains. I've done research and I think I understand the whole concept of growing outdoors. The problem is, I'm a bit stumped as to how to initiate it in my situation. From what I've read, a lot of people have been suggesting to grow it indoors until it is big &/or strong enough to be transplanted in the outdoors. I don't think that I can grow them indoors because I lack many of the materials needed, also the space but I can try to build a grow box if that is my only option. I also still live with my parents so it would be a bit difficult to keep it hidden and all that jazz, however, it's doable. I've also read somewhere that the chance of the germinated seeds surviving if planted in the outdoors is very small.

    So my question is: Would it be a good idea to plant the germinated seeds outdoors right away? I plan on doing this near the beginning of May, here's a weather archive of last year in May. I'll be digging decent sized holes and putting in my own soil, watering them when it doesn't rain and other needed maintenance.

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    Planting seeds outside is risky.
    Seedlings are delicate and need a lot of protection from unpredictable outdoor conditions.
    I suggest a few weeks grown under CFLs and a decent fan should make them strong enough to survive.
    Also may want to use a small amount of native soil in the pots which you germinate your seeds.
    Some think it helps the plant after trapslanting.
    CFLs are cheap and you can hide them easily in a closet for a few weeks until they can go outside
    GC is a large knowledge base where you'll find all you need to have a great outdoor grow.
    Welcome to the Community!!

    P.S. btw I claim to be no expert on growing,but have a few successful harvests under my belt.
    Im just a pothead who likes to read,grow and watch the history channel lol
  3. They have a lower chance of success outdoors, but if you grow them after the last frost they shouldn't have a problem sprouting. Sounds like you got some work to do...especialy if you're still living with your parents....you haven't even thought about how you are going to dry them once harvested. Rethink your strategy my man...cus this one is weak.
  4. I can build a small grow box that I'll place in my closet with CFLs and have them grow in there for a few weeks in cups or small pots. Then once they can sustain in the outdoors, I could transplant them outside. Would that work?

    Also, for the soil, do you think I'll need to feed them nutrients and all that? I was searching around for the type of soil that I'm going to use - miracle gro moisture control - and many said that it worked successfully for them without the use of nutrients or anything. I'll still keep track of pH and things like that, though.

    As for the drying, I can hang them at my partner's house. He's OK with it as long as it's only for a week or so.

    So what do you guys think? Thanks for the replies btw, really appreciate it. :)
  5. To put it bluntly....I still think your plan blows. You can't just grow them indoors and then stick them strait outdoors into full sunlight which is twice as powerful as any indoor light and expect them to grow.

    You need nutrients for your plants to fully bud. Idk what grow you were looking at that doesn't use nutrients...obviously not a very good one. pH doesn't mean shit if you don't have enough nutrients. So you would go through the trouble of catching some runoff and then testing that pH...but you wont take the time to buy or amend your soil with nutrients?

    Oh yeah...don't use miracle grow...especially with that moisture control. Come on dude if you would of read for like two minutes you would see how many other products there are superior to MG.

    So like I said...rethink your plan. Because as of now with your perspective...you wont make it to harvest...guaranteed.
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    Well, miracle grow is the only thing available around here. None of the suggested ones in the tutorials / guides are sold here, so that's all I really have.

    Anyway, I'm not sure what to do at this point - everybody keeps saying something different. A bunch of people were saying that miracle grow sucks and saying not to use it, then a few threads down the road, people are saying that it works and that those people opposing it don't know what they're talking about - so I'm not really sure but I'd rather use miracle grow than nothing. Also, if you could elaborate on why it's bad, that'd be great.

    Anyway, as for my plan, if you think it sucks then what do you think I should do?

    Edit: I did some reading on nutrients and yea, you're right, I had no idea what I was thinking lol. I thought that that was all in the soil and I didn't have to do anything. Anyway, I still have limited choices, here's basically what I have to choose from: http://www.homehardware.ca/en/cat/i...enance/Soil-Amendment-Stone/_/N-ntlmy/Ne-lrq8

    Should I grab separate mixes of peat moss, worm castings and so fourth and then mix them myself (following some of the mix suggestions in the tutorials http://forum.grasscity.com/outdoor-marijuana-growing/308969-outdoor-grow-guide.html) or just get an already prepared one? Thanks for the response btw.

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