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Discussion in 'General' started by FunDays, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone I'm new to this board :) anyway I have a job interview tomorrow and if i get it I am going to have to take a drug test. The thing is I smoked pot alot last time was last weds I think.So I need some help how can i flsuh my system? I heard of these 2 products called Qcarbo and "The Stuff" anyone ever use either if not please recoomend. if this is the wrong forum I apoligize
  2. Hey welcome to the city.

    The search button will reveal MANY threads about this. Theres many myths about cranberry juice and vinegar. Theres niacin and the detox systems. And theres substitute piss in a condom or the whizzinator.

    Edit: someone should type up a large document on ways of passing tests and make it a sticky.
  3. Thanks for the welcome. Sorry about not using the search function didn't realize there wa sone ;) anyway where can i Find some niacin? ;)
  4. welcome to the city fundays,
    to save you some search button time since you're new, here is what ya need to know:
    you can purchase niacin at your local GNC or vitamin store. you can probably find it at your grocery store. It comes in a vitamin bottle (niacin is a supplement in many vitamins) just make sure you buy the 500mg dose pills. Take one or two pills about 2 hours before you think you will have your drug test. Drink at least a gallon or so of water and piss more than once before your test (the more you piss the more dilute your urine will be; your urine is most potent the first piss of the day when you wake up) Just be aware that niacin has a few undesirable side effects such as hot flashes and your skin will feel very tingly. The first time i ever used it, it was really bad but you get used to it after you take it more than once. It kicks in after about 20 or 30 mins and the first 30 mins after it kicks in is the worst. it helps to take a luke warm bath to sooth the hot flashes and tingling.
  5. niacin for a drug test? that's hilarious. the only time i've ever seen someone on niacin, it was not a pretty sight. they were beet red, running frenetically around our house. this is hardly something i would think to use in the presence of others (like your new employer handing you a cup or something), but anyways, what can i say: i've never had to take a test... and i've never taken niacin.

    good luck!


  6. Uhhhh, Niacin is a supplement found in many vitamins. It's not like you're shooting up methamphetamines and eating peyote while being interviewed. You're taking a vitamin and taking a piss.
  7. alright, alright. not trying to make silly niacin out like meth or peyote, but it IS famous for its flush. i guess it depends on the dosage. some silly amount added to your cheerios ain't gonna do it... moooooooo!


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