A question for the guys.

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  1. What makes the perfect boobs?

    Size, nipple color, areola size, etc.

    Be specific :)
  2. perfect female
  3. Just the right size not too big but not too small.
  4. The owners willingness to let them out to play
  5. The price tag and amount of silicone used
  6. Implants make them automatically 90% less attractive imo.
    I would have to agree with perkyness...Size doesn't really matter as long as they don't look as if they belong to a small school child. I don't really mind nip size or color really, although bigger areola's are kinda hot... Just as long as they don't look eatable, if you know what I mean.
  7. Nipple size and colour!!!!!!
  8. Titties is titties to me. I'm more attracted to nice cleavage than the actual titties themselves. Probably a result of growing up in our society.
  9. Very true. Hard to get boobies are much better than in-yo-face boobies.
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    Yiiiiikes chicaaaaa!!!
  11. Areola color (light)

    nip size


    A womans breast could look very attractive with a bra and shirt on but once it comes off it could look horrible.
  12. Any boobs on a beautiful girl.

    Areola? Don't ruin boobs with your fancy scientific terms.
  13. The tease factor, what makes me want to get the girl alone in my room so I can rip her clothes off and fuck her silly =]

    Things like:
    -nice shirt/blouse
    -awesome clevage
    -their 'bounce'
  14. no burger nips
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    Too slow? Sorry.

    "The round thingy that goes around the nipple."

    There you go. [​IMG]

  16. Agreed.
  17. Pale nipples freak me out..
  18. PM me i'll let you know ;)

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