A question for the guys?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Buddeh, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Am I the only one on here that thinks girls that dress scene/emo are more of a turn on? Something about that turns me on, and plus the fact that they rock out to the same music as me :p

    Any Comments?
  2. cockatoo hair does give me a woody from time to time
  3. what about puker girls?? and i dont mean just the dress..but that actually HAVE that attitude...that kinda chick that if shit goes down at a party you KNOW she can handle herself...yeah...punker chicks:devious:
  4. Id fuck a scene girl. But I couldnt see myself dating a scene girl a lot of them are verrrryyy conceited and thats just a turn off for me.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I love scene girls (especially those with a penchant for early to mid 90's Alternative) but the Cockatoo hair (to steal from Bigred) just makes me go blah. I don't like the ones that are so into their own movement that they turn themselves into parodies of what they stand for in the first place.... You know, the same kind of girls in the picture that Ballz posted.

    And just like Chronicman said, I hate the conceited ones. The ones that smoke clove cigarettes to spite authority, the ones that have never heard of The Cure but seem to be taking a page out of Robert Smith's Handbook, the ones who stick their noses up at any music not rubber stamped by the Movement. It's kind of funny, all these scene kids think they are rebelling against conformity and doing their own thing, yet it is the mainstream that is spoon feeding them their own creed, their own look and the music they love oh so much.... they just don't know it.

    Sorry, a little pent up Scene anger there.

    Back to the point, scene girls are still hot as fuck even if many of them look androgynous... and if they don't look like boys, they all look the same. But there are still a few Scene girls out there that could make my knees melt under the right circumstance.
  6. eh, not so much.
  7. A pretty girl is a pretty girl. Some of those scene girls take it too far and most I've met have shit for a personality, but there's definitely some hot out there.
  8. I'm not 16 anymore. So, no.
  9. what he said, but yes some of em are fucking sexy!
  10. u forgot to mention the fact that most are pretty easy to get with hah
  11. Word to that! Low self esteem+me=:ey:
    Some of those chicks are actually bangin though.
  12. nah, id rather hit a chick that doesnt want to kill herself
  13. if shes hot, shes hot. dressing like that adds no sexual attractiveness whatsoever to me

  14. LOL:laughing:
  15. thats more emo/goth chicks, scene girls are usually in love w/ themselves and would never hurt themsevles
  16. thats really what it is.

    is shes bomb, shell look good with whatever shes wearing.
  17. yes you are the only one.
  18. Yea im not a fan of THOSE freaks
  19. Not in the slightest..huge turn off.

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