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A question for Colorado patients.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by GrungeJunkie, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Hi all. I'm helping a good friend who's looking to get a medical card here in Denver, CO, and I wanted to ask if anybody here has recommendations for a good clinic to go to? I understand that evaluations run 30-60 dollars here, but is this the only fee involved with getting a red card? Or do you still need to pay a few hundred more somewhere along the line?

    She's planning on asking around the local dispensaries today, but anything you can tell us at all about the overall process would be extremely helpful. :)

    Thanks a lot!

    -Also, her conditions include nausea and frequent pain. She does have previous medical documentations of both issues.
  2. Sorry, no recommendations. I just used my regular doctor.

    The current law states that the recommending physician must have an ongoing professional (doctor/patient) relationship with, using one of those clinics that specializes in medical marijuana recommendations could get your application denied.

    Other fees, besides doctor's fees, is $35 to the CDPHE as an application fee. Postage (Cost me $5.75. It should be certified mail). The application must be notarized, but that's typically free.

    Hope that helps.
  3. I just recently moved to Denver last month. I went to Red Card District. I went, and they had me fill out paperwork. I taked with the first gentlemen, he looked over my paperwork, made sure I didn't mess up. Then he sent me over to the DR in the other room. He talked with me and just asked me about cannabis and how I benefit from it. Then he went on to talk about the cannabis plant, and I actually learned quite a bit from him. He signed my papers and sent me back to the other guy.

    Once I sat down again with the first guy, he said its gonna be $60, but if you want me to do everything (paperwork all ready to get sent off) its going to be 75. I payed the $75 then did the application fee through a money order at walmart. Sent it off from the post office, and vwallaaa, 27 days later I received my Red Card in the mail.

  4. ^^ My experience was pretty similar to the person above me except I saw a Dr. in Co Springs. I went here:

    clicked on MMJ Dr's, scheduled an appt for the next day, $80 + $35 to the state for a total of $115
    And i was using my temp papers the same day in dispensaries
  5. Blessings friend,
    I would suggest picking up a Westword mag n checking for specials in your/your friends area.
  6. Check out Dr. Cohen. $70 for the visit to the doc $35 to the state. Get temp papers that day that last for 35 days! Boom good to go
  7. Can't wait, moving to the cs area soon. I'm going to get my red card and take a trip to the dispensaries asap. From there to the grow store!

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