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  1. My favorite dispensary got informed that all customers must show their ID to the receptionist to get into the dispensary, but then also a 2nd time to the budtender to make their purchase. I just wanted to know if this is just my county being a-holes, or if all of California is affected. :confused_2:

    Appreciate the feedback! :yay:

    Granny :wave:
  2. did you think it might be a way to check there employees sales statis
    card at the door and card after sales type thing , just a idea , do they get commision or payed hourly is what im getting at.
    besides that isnt it a better idea to card to keep kids from entering the store , im sure there are tons of parents that like the idea of it , this in no means or way is the perfect world were if our child wants to smoke just can, the populus today have even gone as far as banning cigarette smokers from enjoying one in a park or even walking down the street .
    you are aged enough to know we as kids just walked up to a vending machine and put 35 cents in for a pack and then went and sit down with family and not a eye was turned.
    kinda same thing or looking to try to be
    that was another and totally difrent era , they are lacing the weed with all kind of stuff these days, if you just insist your child smoke , why not grow it yourself for them , all im saying and i dont even aprove of that , but would do that before i would think it okay to buy at a dispensary
  3. The local dispensary's bud tenders get paid hourly wages plus tips and a discount on cannabis products. So no, the second ID check is not a way to keep track of the employees, or the customers. The only customers that are kept track of are the medical users with a medical card- and that is just for tax purposes (medical users don't pay taxes on their cannabis).

    To get through the LOCKED door that leads to the purchasing area of the local dispensary, a person must show valid, government-issued, photo ID to the receptionist who then allows them to enter. There is NO way a minor can get into the purchasing area without that valid, government-issued, picture ID card (Driver's license, or a passport) proving their age and identity. And even those adults who are obviously over 21, but lack proper ID, are refused entry!

    Also, at least in California, ALL legal cannabis products must be 3rd party lab tested to be sold in a legal dispensary, so only black market cannabis is adulterated! Our dispensary cannabis is safe!

    And NOBODY "insists" that their child use cannabis (unless there is a real medical reason)! This is why we have age limits on cannabis use! And FYI, neither of my adult sons use cannabis, even though they were raised with it being openly and frequently used. They have no medical reason to use it and simply don't care for the high.

    So to put it politely, I'm sorry, but your fears and worries are absolutely groundless!

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  4. From Inland Empire, to Los Angeles County, to San Diego County - they do not do this double ID check. Just in the front like usual. :)
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  5. no fears here , i grow my own, i just took it as you didnt care for being carded
    i like the no tax on medical users
  6. Not in Cali but in texas I still get carded when I buy alcohol and cigars for my sweets. Sometimes the clerk is just being A bitch. Sometimes, I don’t know….I try to send my wife to do it but she always says no bc she always get carded lol
  7. I had to show my i.d. before I went into a dispensary in Illinois. They carded everyone regardless of how old they looked. My second hubby was buying liquor at a liquor store because, at the age of 16, he had a full mustache and beard. Which is a good idea to keep the underage out. And I do believe we had to show our i.d. again when we went to check out. They wanted to make sure they are getting the right stuff to the right person. Plus they do that to see who is from out of town. Out-of-state purchases are more limited than for the citizens in the state. People from out of state can only buy half of what state citizens can buy.
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  8. Just once.

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