A question about when & how to flush - reposted

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  1. Hello,

    A little while back I've posted a question about flushing here. Deleted it by mistake when I tried to edit it. For all those who replied - sorry about killing the whole thread.

    Anyways, here it is again, better phrased:

    This question is about non-emergency flushing done as part of the treatment cycle.

    I have heard from local growers that you're supposed to flush the plants before moving them into flowering. Didn't get the details - how, when exactly. One usually repots soon before moving the babes to bloom (In my case, at the moment, it happens simultaneously), so what is the point of flushing virtually fresh soil? Also, does water quality have any bearing on this? I'd reckon it would. For instance, I use 25% tapwater and 75% distilled water, which means a slower salt buildup in the soil. Also, how much water to use? Water used / runoff water ratio. With or without ferts, and which cases?

    Heh : )

    Any guidelines, advice and links to articles would be appreciated.


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