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A question about spliffs with hash.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by D9_THC, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. I live in the UK so I smoke a lot of hash.... it seems you don't get much of it in the US...

    But I've noticed that sometimes, no matter how well you roll it, the resin/tar collects inside the spliff, first in the roach and then builds up into the spliff clogging it up and stopping it toking..... it makes it all gooey and shiny *bleugh*.
    Once it's gone like that it pretty much wastes the spliff :(

    This happen to anyone else?? Anyone know why it happens???
  2. *bumps it up*
  3. My buddy rolls "L"'s with has and weed all the time. Usually there is a little baccy in it. If there is baccy he puts a cig filter in it. If there isnt, he rolls up a small peice of cardboard and puts it in the end. This keeps the mouthpeice open and free from cloggage. Ive never heard of the resin building up within the joint enough to stop its tokeage though.
  4. hash is nearly impossible to find around here :( we've had the problem with really sticky dank though... the res builds up and clogs the J at the end you hit from... we usually just rip off the clogged part and go from there :D
  5. I don't roll pure with hash. It doesn't burn, basically...
    I've had it happen with green too. But nowhere near as often.
  6. roll em just that little bit looser or fatter or both. either that or your chongin camberwell carrots! hehe. yeah i have it happen with long jays, but basically u just gotta learn to roll around this problem.

    but i seriously suggest u try to get more green dude. i bet u aint getting quality amstadamn hash, and the vast majority of your hash will be morrocan 3rd or 4th. seriously dude, don't smoke that shit. it's worse that tobacco for you.

    here's a little public warning image i did a while back (ignore the wasted artist text)

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  7. lol. I'd gladly buy green all the time!!! But would you care to fund it??

    I can't afford to buy green. I smoke almost every day, so £10 for an 1/8 is far better than paying £25. But if I could afford it, I think it goes without saying that I'd buy green.
  8. smoke it under the glass dudes
  9. yeah.. i'm not complaning about bongs with hash. not at all. but i don't always feel like a bong :p
  10. smoke from a pipe? i like bongs too
  11. Yeah dude, just use like a little peice of cardboard for the mouth peice. Or better yet, i did this once with hash, i took the end of a Pen, (the little cone part were u write from) and used that as the mouth peice... and it worked fine... sometimes u gotta get a needle and puke thru the hole, but its easily done. Just make sure u don't melt the damn thing... lol, and when ur done n you want (if u want) the roach, just take the peice out and pack it in a bowl.

    But... if u really wanna have fun with hash, get an 8th, (1/8) and roll it into little balls, then freeze it. Pack a bowl with your favorite greens, then put one of the hash balls in, and fire it up. The hash balls should be really small, size doesnt really make a differnce as long as they are small enough not to clog the bowl. And make sure its frozen, it heats up fast, but burns slower.

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