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A question about driving

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Wharl, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. If I'm driving around with weed in my car, as long as it's a reasonably small amount wouldn't it just be smarter to keep it hidden on myself (for example: in a one of my long socks with jeans on) and just allow the cops to search my car. Otherwise they'll bring in the dogs and sniff me out for sure.

    I don't know how well they would search me. If there is someone who's been in this situation before can you please give me your input. Even if you have not I would still
    Appreciate any input.

  2. never been in the situation, but crotching it in that situation is probably the best idea
  3. Stick it between your buttcheeks, they never get THAT friendly. But they could pat your legs...
  4. keep it in your pocket and play it cool.
  5. I just have my girlfriend panty the weed.
  6. as a person who's been search quite a few times in my short life, they will find it in your sock, and if they are half competent at searching a person crotching it wont work either.
  7. I've been arrested before for having my herb in my pocket. So generally small amount, usually in your sock that is inside your shoe. not a part where it would come out of your sock.

    Otherwise, in the glove box locked, and insurance and crap in the middle compartment so you don't have to open it up.

  8. It's not really a competence thing. If a bag is totally 'tween the cheeks, they won't find it if you got clothes on.
  9. yea keep it on you...ive been patted down before and had a packed chillum in the "5th pocket" in my jeans..u know, the tiny little pocket...they didnt even notice it..unfortunatley i had a mini bub in my glovebox which they picked up on pretty quick lol
  10. i think the best way to conceal bud from cops is eating it. i try and only drive with ammounts that i can eat in the time before the cop is at my window. and if you do eat it, try not to look suspicious by moving your arms alot because they will question that or even move in on you sooner than expected so its good to have it ready to eat. If you have alot of bud, dont even try and eat it all if you know you cant because obstruction of justice is a felony which isnt worth it compared to a misdemeanor.
  11. when I know im going to be searched a lot going into a concert or something and I have shit I dangle a small drawstring bag from my belt next to my dick cause I know they're not touching my dick..
  12. Ive Been Searched Several Times, Most Door Panels Pop In And Out, Pop It Lose And Slide It Down In Your Planel, Then Pop It Back In. They Have To Have A Warrent To Disamble Your Car, Give Em' The Okay To Search It And If They Ask To Bring In The Dogs Tell Em' No And You'll Be On Your Way.
  13. Well, me and my fiance got pulled over and they wanted to search the car.

    They never searched us...even when they arrested us.

  14. Is this true?

    Because in my car, I have an aftermarket radio so i needed a new pannel to hold it, and this pannel can easily be popped out. And i can stash stuff inside/ ontop of the radio unit. Would that work??? If they cant disassemble my car. Ive never really done it though, since i make sure to drive normally if I have stuff on me...
  15. Well, the first obvious question is: Why is the law enforcement officer put into a position where they feel they should search your vehicle?

    If you are pulled over for speeding (this does not include a speed that would constitute reckless driving), the LEO should not feel a need to search your vehicle. (If they notice bloodshot/glazed eyes, they may)

    But I would suggest what one blade has already suggested, that is putting the Cannabis in the glove-box of your car, and then locking it. Unfortunately, it is a common mis-belief that a LEO cannot open your glove box without a warrant. This is a lie. If a LEO has reason to search the car, then they have the equal reason to search your glovebox. In Carroll v. United States, the court ruled that you have a lesser expectation of privacy while in a vehicle. If a LEO has enough evidence to obtain a warrant, then they may search the vehicle without one.

    So hide it well ;)
  16. no they dont have to have a warrant. all they need is reasonable doubt that theirs bud in your car so if the dog hits, they will tear apart your car until they find it. And also, its ussualy a bad idea to give them the ok to search your car because once youve done that they will bring the dogs most likely just to be sure.
  17. why does everyone say hide it well? i say scarf that shit down if you can without getting caught. These days if cops have reasonable suspicion they will bring in the dog most of the time like i said before. With that being said, hiding it wont help you from a search dog. :p
  18. Well usually people carry paraphernalia with them as well as Cannabis. If you eat the cannabis while being pulled over, you risk the chance that the officer sees you.

    "An officer who observes you trying to either hide something under the seat or throw something out the window may legally search your car. Once cops are on your rear bumper with his spotlight silhouetting your every move, they're watching for any sort of furtive movement. A sudden lowering of one or both shoulders will tip them off that you're attempting to hide something under the seat." - The Criminal Law Handbook: Know Your Rights, Survive the System, by Paul Bergman and Sara J. Berman

    When the officer then searches your vehicle, they will find the paraphernalia. But other than that risk, I fully agree with eating it. :D
  19. #20 Wonka, Mar 1, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 1, 2010
    Er, best solution:

    A, don't drive with herb.

    B, if you do, don't drive high, don't drive all retarded like

    Although I go on blunt rides a lot, but that's on rarely traveled back roads.

    (edit: eating it, probably the best idea, have a cheeseburger in the car somewhere so it looks like you where eating that.)

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