A question about budding an photo periods

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    Hi peeps, peace out !!
    I got a lil question i hope somebody can clear up.
    Now we know that to get your plant to bud you switch the lights to 12/12 then your buds start forming, now 4 weeks in and some nice bug formation, is it ok to lengthen the light period again now all the bud sites have formed and slightly swollen or will it revert back to veg, say just giving it 14 hours of light ???? or more as i was thinking more light time more growth.
    I dont want the the plant to hermi or revert. also can a plant still hermi 5 weeks into flower ? when you have some nice small bud formations?

    BTW still got a lockout and wating for the solution to land in the post ! hope she dont die while waiting. gulp ill get some pics up near finish.. she is looking real pale with loads of tiny black spots all over each leafe and shrivled twisted black/brown tips, dont look good but the leaves are still pointing up an buds look ok for a 250 hps. Also i can not find a picture of the problem my plant has anywere, iv looked on loads of forums and pics an just can not find an identical photo. maybe i should take pics and get them in the sick plants.
    cheers peeps..
    one luv!!!!!!!!
  2. ok fellas :wave: my "ph up" came today, buzzin. so iv stuck my soil tester right into the root ball and its says 5.4 it was just under 5 last week and after a few applications of lime powder its gone up a little in 6 days.
    now nearly all the fan leafs are the same colour as the photos very pale yellow with black spots, the smaller compact bud leafs are a little greener and if i shake the plant a lot of the more damaged leafs fall off.
    iv just added 1 litre of ph upped water to try and get the soil up to a safer range. is this the correct thing to do guys/gals ?????????
    im still waiting for my ph test drops to arrive so i can get a better reading of my waters.
    the whole plant looks very pale do you think this is due to a lock out coz of my ph ??
    everything else is in a ok range , temps are 82 an 70 odd in dark, good air circ, new soil mixed with perlite, i do have a 12 inch fan which may be to big, can wind burn make your leafs look like the pics?
    well all i realy need to know is, is using the ph up a good thing to get my soil right,
    and then make sure all the water used is stood an filtered and then ph'd.
    any help is welcome an all reps posted:D
    peace out..:smoke:

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  3. Leave the lights on 12/12 -- the plant could revert to veg if you pushed it to 14 hours light. Might not, but not worth risking it.

    Sounds like your pH is royally whacked, and I would guess that your plants are suffering multiple nute deficiencies from inability to uptake. Get the pH in line pronto, and yes you add the PHUp to your water. How much depends on what your runoff is -- if it's still too low then you need to add more.
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    Thank you mucho toastybiz,
    nice to have a helping hand :cool:
    and i will do as you say! i thought it was a lockout due to a ph chart i found on here, at 5 it says most stuff is locked out bar 3 minerals i think, and it has steadly got worse over 3 weeks..
    will it take 3 weeks to get back to normal ? anyway nice one T
    peace out :hello:

    Is it ok to use "GROWTH TECHNOLOGYS "LIQUID SILICON" to adjust the soil ph or does it have to be Hydrated Dolomite Lime ???????????????
  5. bump!! i need a little input fellas. my gal is dying :( anybody ??? please!!!!
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    You need a real pH meter ...
    If you are using that tool in the picture you have no idea what your pH is.

    What size pot are you growing in?
    Have you ever flushed the media your growing in?
  7. yea iv flushed her and i am waiting for my ph test drops to land in the post.
    well after using 1 litre of ph uped water last night she now reads 6, so thats better. i could still use some of my other questions answering guys :hello:
    o the pot is a big bucket probably 4 gallon or 5
  8. I killed a bunch of plants a long time ago and even though I fixed the problem before plants died they would never recover. I hope u have clones up and running to start over.
    Good luck. :)

    Peace to all;
    Puff :smoke:
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    cheers puff you make me feel a whole lot better :eek:
    anyway my ph drops came today so i can now test my water and ph it up to the right level.
    i do hope she pulls through as she is now 4 weeks into 12/12 and i dont know how long it takes a plant to get right but im sure the bud development will be damaged.
    i can see some early trichome dev, so she is still doing her stuff but i feel it will be lacking.
    ill post some pics of her as she pulls through. fingers crossed.
    so iv got a tonic ready for her which is the water with "silicon up" added to 7 and some epsom salts and a small tsp ov bs mollases.
    and a couple of mills of 2-2-6 tom feed.
    now if this kills her well its tuff shit on my end an a lesson learnt, eg dont use moll and E.s and 226 tom feed.
    i still have another clone but she is tiny compared to Lucille. tiny in bud output.
    but if the big moma dies then the clone will be reverted back to veg for a few more weeks to get her up to size an take another clone.and then back to 12/12.
    maybe i should get a new strain to work with as this one dont seem to like anything you give her.
    could the problem be only using a 250 watt hps light ?????? is this enough to do the job?
    i dont know how old the bulb is and who its made by. but seems to work ok in veg....maybe I should buy a new bulb ???
    anyway nuf rambling.. peace out to all heads.
    Jadedsoul ...............................................
  10. My fingers r crossed 4 u :)

    Peace to all;
    Puff :smoke:

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