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a question about brown phlegm.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SpeedyWay, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Alright so heres the full story.
    ive been smoking weed for about 8 years now,sometimes more than a couple of times a day and started noticing recently...maybe awhile back actually, that my phlegm is starting to come out wasnt all the time but i just gussed it was resin build up so i never thought much about it.(im not a doctor). but then after a night of partying and toking and stuff i woke up and spit out some nearly pure brown phlegm. i searched brown phlegm on the internet and a site said it was blood.FUCKING BLOOD. a surge of fear pulsed through my body and have been paranoid ever since. i dont want to quit weed.i love it. but ever since then i quit cold turkey.i thought about going to the doctor which is probably what im going to do. should i quit altogether? has anyone else experienced this? i cant be the only one.i know of people who smoke waaay more than me.i dont smoke cigarettes, i just want to i fucked? i neeed to know.:confused::(
  2. Mine is green sometimes
  3. no ive never smoked a blunt in awhile.ill admit to smoking a cigarette when im really drunk. but i only drink like once maybe twice a month.i use a small pipe when im in my room with a smokebuddy at hand.(to filter the smell).any other time i just roll joints.when theres absolutley no weed i dab a lil resin once in awhile.
  4. Cannabis does have a definite tar content and the brownish dots in your mucus are tar pieces. The difference between the tar from marijuana and the tar from tobacco from what I understand is that our lungs are able to clean out the cannabis tar, but since ingredients in tobacco paralyze the cilia in our lungs, we can't clean out the tobacco tar properly.

    Next time you take a fat bong rip and cough up some mucus, if it's full of tar, just be thankful it's not in your lungs. It's not blood, because it would be red and you would know right away.
  5. but what if its nearly pure brown? is it just a shit load of tar thats bein cleaned out then? if it is....THANK GOD you have relieved me in unbelievable ways.and i thank gonna take a break for awhile anyways...but after that im gonna dedicate the next joint i roll to you. lol
  6. Well, I'm sure it's not every day that you cough up mostly brown. I've had it before most of the time just specks of greyish brown, but ever since I switched to mainly smoking concentrates I only really cough up clear.

    You mentioned that when you woke up was when you coughed up the nasty shit. Your body wasn't cleaning anything out when you were asleep, your cilia were in a kind of state of rest. Then when you woke up you just hacked it out.

    Just listen to shrek, better out than in. :D
  7. Get a vaporizer! MUCH easier on the lungs! No tiny sharp smoke particles to irritate the little air sacs! Plus what you have left over can be put into brownies for a nice little high!

  8. I would suggest taking a break, or strictly vaping, and after a couple weeks or a month you will notice it get better.
    I can back this up with my non existent medical background:smoke:
  9. you got teh aids
  10. weed might not be cancerous, but it contains carciogens that affect your lungs when you inhale it (obviously), just a reminder...

    and depending on your method of smoking, that shit's gonna add up bro. get a vape, or just hit from the bong from now on

  11. I heard your body naturally coughs up a very small amount of blood that wouldn't be visible?

    This true?

    Because this is what the website could have meant
  12. I've been searching some threads because I have the same problem. I've been smoking close to 3 years every single day, multiple times a day, on dank. I don't have as much of a problem anymore, but when I did, I coughed up big phlegm balls of brown and almost black. It was pretty bad, I just cut down a bit for the next week, worked out more often and drank more water. I also took cranberry concentrate pills I got from a health store after hearing about their natural detox abilities and the liver and other organ cleaning that's involved. After a long day of water, taking 3 pills before bed, getting up in the next morning and taking a huge piss and more water, actually helped detox my system as well as got me a lot more baked when I would smoke.

    This is a lot of info, and I just wanted to share because you sounded pretty concerned and I had the same problem. If you want my opinion, just cut down a bit, maybe work out and try to drink more water. Maybe a t-break for a couple days. It's really nothing to be that worried about. :smoke:
  13. thanks you guys. this was alot of help. ive decided to stop for awhile and invest in a vaporizer. im also gonna take that workout advice and look into those cranberry pills.
  14. Also I would recommend omega-3 pills. All natural which increase the availibility and function of the cannabinoid receptors. They're great, check them out too. Work even better, if not just as good as the cranberry.

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