A question about boot camp.

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  1. I plan to sign up for the navy very soon (within a month) The instant after signing the contract, how long (in estimate) do I have before my actual "military life begins?" I mean how much more time as a civilian do I have before im called to bootcamp?

    I ask this because I plan to smoke about a half ounce of mids before I go...kind of as a final goodbye to MMJ. And yeah, I can only afford mids. But they'll get me good.

    Bonus question (I may rep you if its correct): Say I DO smoke that half o. If I drink shit tons of cranberry juice and if im in good shape (aka no canniboids stuck in body fat) how long could it possibly leave my system? before they call me to bootcamp?
  2. Ask your recruiter he's the only one who can tell you when you leave for bootcamp. I've seen people sign up and leave after a week and I've seen some people sign up and stay around for months before they left. It varies

    Your other question depends on how much you smoke. If you're serious about the military I would give yourself atleast 3 weeks, they will test you when you get to boot camp and you don't wanna fail.

    You don't have to rep me I don't really want it.

    Good luck if you do go
  3. thanks :)
  4. I would suggest smoking the mids before you sign and giving yourself enough time to clean up so when you do sign you are clean.
  5. What do you mean you can only afford mids? It's the same price but you get less. An 8th of good will go a lot farther than a half oz of some alright. If you're saying goodbye to MJ don't leave her like that.
  6. It's not the same price if you get less..

  7. Haha, fuck purple rep.
  8. Don't join the Navy. Join the Air force or ARMY. You don't want to be in a combat zone in the ocean. At least on the ground you can escape and evade.

    You will go in based on when the next cycle of school starts for your MOS. Could be a day could be a year.

    I would recommend that you stop smoking a full 2 months before you sign on the line. I don't know your metabolism, BMI, Smoking habits and etc so just be safe and shoot for the 2 full months.
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    yea, because the iraq/afghanistan war has a LOT of ocean combat. those damn terrorist aircraft carriers.

    you kind of get to decide when you leave. your recruiter will give you a couple options on when you start basic and you get to pick. my buddy got the option of leaving in 2 weeks, or 3 months. also, when you go through MEPS (military entry processing station) which is right after you take the asvab and sign your contract, you will get drug tested. if your joining within the month, stop smoking now.

    also, while your in the delayed entry program you may or may not get randomly drug tested. my buddy who went into the army did, so he had to stop everything the 3 months before he left for basic.

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