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  1. Hi, I am a regular cannabis user and I have only drank about 15-20 times and it was either at parties where the alcohol was provided by friends or with family where it was provided by well, members of my family. I really don't know much about buying alcohol or what alcohols are the best to use as it has always been provided by other people as mentioned above. I'm just wondering what alcohol I should look into buying. I'm looking to save as much money as possible. So something with a high alcohol content, without tasting like pure shit, and also very cheap (as I am) would be ideal. Also be aware that the taste isn't a huge deal to me, but definately a plus if it tastes better than other stuff. I also like to drink by just taking quick shots (repeatedly, usually on a near empty stomach) and then chasing it with something like coke or pepsi, if that matters. I also live in Minnesota if that matters for prices in any way. Also, do a lot of liquor stores sell shot glasses? I thank you very much in advance for reading this post and responding to it right now as I am actually drunk right now and I will make any gramatical errors I can in the morning when I am sober.
  2. .... well just look on the bottle, it says what % of alcohol is in it....

    if your cheap, look into a bottle of louie 13, i hear those are reallll cheap, only like 2 stacks ;)
  3. If you want something with good taste, go for Goldschlager and get like a 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew to chase the shots. Goldschlager is a cinnamon-flavored schnapps with tiny flakes of gold floating around in the bottle. Trust me on this one.
  4. Isn't Goldschlagger really expensive? I've seen it before and one of my friends said his parents gave it to him and it cost over a hundred dollars for a two-liter bottle.

  5. can u get alcohol in 2 liter bottles? lol
  6. cheap vodka=== popov
    cheap whisky== canadian mist
    cheap beer==== papst blue ribbon
    cheap tequila== jose's is usually decent
    cheap rum==== capt. mo //// sailor jerry
  7. i don't drink alot, but if i do drink, i try to stay away from cheap shit, i like skyy blue and level vodka, crown royal, and also BAILEYS!!
  8. Wow, I somehow have never looked for shot glasses in a liquor store so I dunno. But I imagine they do have some.

    But forget the liquor store, you should definitely think about using Quaffers for your shot glasses
  9. Could you please say how much the type of alcohol that you are suggesting usually costs you?
  10. UV vodka - 10 bucks - many flavors, just mix with lemonade

    bacardi 151 - malibu rum - pineapple juice, this cost a bit more, but takes way less to get drunk and is very good

    bacardi 151 - dr mcgillicuddy's vanilla - coke, get you drunk quick and tastes like vanilla coke

    151 is kinda pricey but I love it
  11. rule of thumb,,, the cheaper the bottle costs, the nastier its going to be,,

    ''allthough'',,, the cheap booze also fucks you up quicker,,,
    it's my experience that no booze ''taste good''

    just get you 2 bottles of mad dog,,, a wine that is just as potent as whiskey..

    this stuff will fuck you up as strong if not stronger than licquor,,,,

    and the outcome will be the same,,,

  12. ahhahah ITS SAMUEL JACKSON!
  13. bacardi 151 is like 30$ for a liter or so but basically 151 proof for someone that drinks as much as u say u do 1 or 2 shots and your gonna be all set lol
  14. I frequent 750mL of Jack Daniels. Im paying in total 28.70.
  15. [​IMG] about 10 bucks for a handle.

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