A question about Acid?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by stonah2, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. I was talking to this guy the other day who says if you take a tab of acid and put it on your skin and tie like a bandanna around it you will trip. Is that true?

  2. If you sweat there it would be possible.
  3. thats what jimi did at his concerts i believe
  4. Really?? that's pretty cool. I should give that a try sometime.
  5. Tape it to your ballsack, its always sweaty....
  6. I've heard this before also, caus he always used to wear a bandana. Anyone know if its true or not?
  7. yea i've heard its true
  8. Sick, next time I get some blotter I'm just gonna stick it to my arm and let my flag cover it.

  9. yes its true, I know a girl who was goign out with a guy who sold stamps one day they get pulled over and the cop was about to start searching the car and he had 100 stamps on him so she took half of them and they put them in thier shirts so they wouldnt find them and from the nervousness they started sweating and they started tripping out inront of the cops micrically they were able to drive back home, but this girl tripped for 2 weeks, when she tells the story she always says refers to it as when she lost two weeks of her life.
  10. It's true. I've seen a few people put drops in their palms and a few other places just on the skin and they all tripped.

  11. ... I call BS. I have heard this story before and it is not true. You dont start tripping right away, even if you drop liquid in your eye. It would have taken a significantly longer amount of time (at least 15 minutes) to even notice threshhold effects. The bioavailability of lsd is significantly reduced when dropping on the skin, so its best just to eat it. If you have liquid, then you can trip balls by dropping it on your skin, but you will trip THE hardest if you drop it in your eye. As to the hendrix story, it is true. He used to pop pimples on his forhead and wrap his bandana around his head after dipping it in a solution of water and liquid acid.
  12. i bet it would work, just take even longer. when owsley cooked up L in the 710 attic the dust in the house would have u trippin when u come inside.
  13. Would you guys pay to find out?

    I could test it but 'cid's one expensive man to get ahold of.

  14. I heard he always cut his forehead and put cocaine on the bandanna then put it on.

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