A quarter or a halfie?

Discussion in 'General' started by MGK, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Should I buy a quarter of danks for 85 or should I get a halfy of indo for 100?
    Or should I get eight of danks and save some money for who knows what else?
  2. hmm hard call,, I hate paying that much for a 1/4 of dank.. I might go with the indo if that term meant anything to me so I am going to go with the dank.. but since we are asking for purchasing advice.. So what should I get, a 1/4 of Rock Lock or a 1/4 of Critical Mass? ;)

  3. Never heard of ethier one of those, go for Rock Lock! How much do you pay for 1/4? He was just trying to get me to buy 6.3 for 85... lol
  4. (yeah I just like the name Rock Lock lol) all depends really, this dude gonna be about 70 but I get a 1/4 of high grades anywhere from 45-75. Just gettin it from this guy since it just so happens he gonna be around with some strains that aren't very popular around here and some variety is nice so I'll pay a few extra $$..

    edit:: I might go with the half considering that price and weight and smoke some fat blunts for a few days ;)
  5. go for the half man
  6. overcharging the game
  7. If you have the money for a half, buy that.

    Better deals in larger quantities. :cool:
  8. But the buds not as good, it's like high quality mids if that.

    + i'm from a non-medical state so yeah, I don't know anyone who does 45 a quarter lmao, that'll be the day i'm happy as fuck.
  9. Most people don't when you have to scroll past 3 smoking sections to even get to General. Smoking topics don't belong here.

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