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A Quarter of Dank or an Ounce of Mids?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rowo87, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Which would you prefer? For the same price.
  2. Same price?...HEADS! :smoke:

    Actually depends on what I'm using it if its just me smoking it, Heads. If its a party or a couple people, mids.
  3. depends on how much money you have
  4. He said their same price...
  5. depends on the quality if the dank isn't that great, possibly no name, not as potent like 40 an eight looking stuff i see around here, and the middies are high quality middies like i find, id say go with the middies
  6. #7 BigTrees, Feb 19, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 19, 2009
    if its good dank

    there is no contest

    dank. win.

    but this is a matter of opinion

    and each man my make his own judgement
  7. Mids are for kids ;)
  8. dank if your connection is quality. cause its not worth it to pay 100 for a qtr of beasters.
  9. I wish I could see what you guys call mids...

    I've got a general idea though. Tbh a quarter of any weed isn't going to last me long enough to pay the high prices you guys pay for "dank", if I was in your position I'd go with mids.

    Luckily here you don't usually end up paying all that much more for the quality stuff ;)
  10. Lies, mids are for people who share their stash a lot with friends, especially if your a college student
  11. if you smoke joints or blunts go with the mids and if you got a piece go for the dank. how much you paying?
  12. Here's the thing.

    "Mids" and "dank" is going to vary by location. I've had people from other places show me "dank" thats just straight regs.

    Where i'm from, mids refers to this brown, dark, dirt shit that literally, does not get me high at all. Smoked a whole blunt of it, felt a little body buzz.

    If it was me, i'd go with the dank.

    I'd rather get a few really good highs, than an zip's worth of shitty ones.
  13. well thats funny because here mids is close to fire, in fact most of the time they so much fire goiing round there is no mids to buy lol. they the same prices to. sucks to be where u live i guess.
  14. an ounce of mids

    the way i look at it..even if mids were HALF as good as dank, you would want to get at least twice as much for the same price then, right? well in this case you are getting FOUR times as much, for the same price, and i dont kno about you guys but good mids are fine by me, great for bongs or blunts which is what i love to smoke sooo

    i would go with the ounce of mids every day of the week over a quarter of dank for the same price. getting 4 times as much bud that is only a little less quality, every single time. it still will get you good and stoned, you just might have to smoke a little more
  15. i forgot to say, then i dont even want to know what you consider shwag to be

    it sounds like you have a bit of a different definition of mids than me and most, mids = pretty good, not great, but still gets you good and high; dank = bomb nuggets; shwag = dont hardly even want to smoke it its so bad, but great for cooking

    thats just what it seems to be around here

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