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A quarter for 80

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fenrirdies, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. My friend said he got an ounce and would sell me a quarter for 80 which I'm fine with but my question is that good deal and what that might look like might also be helpful. I haven't bought anything since march which was the first time in 3 years so I feel a bit new and could use the help.

  2. It's only a good deal if you can't find a better one.

    You do realize that at $80/ 7 grams, you're paying more than $10/ gram right?
  3. The area I live in that would be a solid price. Just depends where your location is.
  4. Yea I know know that but I'm the type of person that likes to compare any and everything regardless of if I know I'm going to buy it. I was mostly wondering what it looks like since as I said before I've never bought that much at once and it's been like 3 years.
  5. I live in Upstate New York. Some girl told me she knows a dude that sells 30 dollar grams but I figured he was just cheating people.
  6. In my area thats cheaper than usual

    Bird + Weed + Papers = Good time
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    This is what I got. it looks like more in the container but the light kept reflecting off the plastic so I put it on a plate.

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  8. 1. Don't buy preground, they can cut and pinch it easier
    2. I pay 50/8th so where I'm at (Jersey) its fair
  9. Is that shake or just low quality picture? That doesn't look like its close to 7 grams I could be wrong though, either way it looks like he sold you shake
  10. I didn't buy it preground I broke it down myself but I don't have a grinder so there are still some nugs in there.
  11. It wasn't like that when he gave me it nor is it fully broken down since it was still damp.
  12. It's still damp? Bruh that means like half the weight is water weight 
  14. Nah. Looks like at least 6 grams. you didnt get ripped off. Enjoy that
  15. Thank you 
  16. Oh yeah, thats more than it looks like, 4 or 5 grams or so

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  17. Depending on where you are from, measurements stay the same (quarter, ounce, etc.) but the cost can vary. 
    In Australia, in a different state than i am from, a full ounce costs around $350, so i am not surprised to see the $80 figure.
    However, i would only buy a quarter in the future for around the 50-70, depending on luck, desperation etc.
  18. Ouch, i can get a half for 30 to 40 more. Not a good deal
  19. I've never paid more than a $45 for a qt.

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