A QP of schwag

Discussion in 'General' started by Plasma, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. You think it would be alright to pay 200 for a QP of schwaG??
    I usually get Ounces for 50.. he said it would be 170 for a QP and thats good and all cause hes has SOME GOOD schwag, but I will probably throw him an extra 30 bucks cause Im a nice dude like that. You think this is still a straight deal, or should i not hook up my dealers???
  2. He said $170. Don't throw in extra.
  3. Yeea why throw in extra?
  4. Lol definitely don't throw in extra unless your just nice like that.
  5. yeah man why pay extra? just lets him know he can rip you off in the future.
  6. you gotta think, he already figured in his profit. so like the other guy said, pay 170. now if it was a qp of dank for 170 i think id throw him a extra 30 bucks or hell even 100 hahaha but that is a very unlikely situation :smoke:
  7. Wow really? I feel that they are doing me a buisness, and that the risk and them workin hard to get my shit *sometimes during the nights* i would think they deserve a lil extra.. I usually throw people atleast an extra 10, it makes them like you and more willing to hook u up and get ur shit when u need it.. I could be wrong can somone explain more??
  8. pay $170, if thats what he asks for, isn't that what he should get? :)

    enjoy the shcwagtastic schwag! :D
  9. nice price..i pay 350 in bmore
  10. "Good" schwag?

    Uhmmm... hmmm... oxymoron?

    But fuck it, weed's weed. Grab it for $170 and then just roll blunts with it the entire time, I suppose. I'd hit it out of a bong too, but eh... depends... is it schwag or like, regular midgrade?
  11. send some money my way :wave:
  12. But it for whatever you want, if you have 30 bucks spare then yeah toss it to him if you want. Then just be rolling fat blunts.
  13. I usually pay $140 a qp... I had to go through this punk ass kid the other day that charged me $175....
  14. Lmao I know how to smoke schwag.. Its more like mids and of course I will be rollin like 100 blunts to smoke.. Then the rest some edibles most likely.. Some people around here dont get the hook up and get their QPS for like 150 so I think gettin 20 bucks for moving a few ounces my way is quite a big risk.. And they are doing me a personal favor and driving down to me, doesnt anyone else hook their dudes/girls up??
  15. He quoted you 170. Pay 170. Save the 30.
  16. Drug dealers aren't usually mom and pop style. They're making money no matter what, if you're getting a good deal, then your dealer got a better deal.
  17. can i give you 170? lol!

    zips of schwag here are 120-200

    Thats why I don't buy any more :D
  18. use the 30 to buy some blunts.
  19. 170 is a little high for a QP, but I'd do it.

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