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a 'q'

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by justariel510, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. how much bud is a 'q' because i met this dealer who said he only sells them, and i dont know how much bud that is. thankss...
  2. 7 grams/a quarter is most likely what he means
  3. Im assuming he ment a quarter. An Ounce is 28 grams so 1/4 of that is 7 grams.
  4. Em, i guess it's just local dialect (or his slang) for a quarter, man.

    7 grams of bud.

    I'd check though to make sure, just ask him how much it is.

    EDIT: damn. was gonna be first to reply but took so long to fuckin write it...haha:)
  5. nah q prolly a qp//quarter pound
  6. Now that's just silly, why wouldn't he just call it a qp if it is a qp?
  7. y would he only sell quarts
  8. Some people only sell as low as a quarter. I knew one guy that would do the same thing. They do this because they are trying to sell alot of bud fast...they dont want to sell 7 dime bags when they could get one purchase.
  9. thanks guys. i dont know why someone would sell just quarters but whatever. hahaha.

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