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A Q-Tip Fell Into My Bowl

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by I THC, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. I was cleaning my bowl w/ a q-tip. half of it broke off and fell into the bowl. I was cleaning the carb and it fell through the carb. Does anyone have any good tips on how to get it out. Is it bad if it is in there?
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    dude if u really care about that q-tip just break ur bowl
  3. you could fill it with water/get it wet and soggy and try to blow it out
  4. what about a paper clip?
  5. that shit might burn and make ur smoke bad if you dont get it out of there....
  6. Soak it with alcohol of some sort, set it on fire, and shake out the ashes? You might be able to set it on fire without the alcohol, but I haven't seen your bowl, so I don't know how easy that would be. I also don't know how a Q-tip burns exactly, so it might not work. Worth a shot though.
  7. i would burn it..
  8. Thanks thats what I used. It only took an hour to get out!:mad: But thats better than not getting it out at all which i thought was what was gunna happen. O well at least it got a real good clean. Not resin anymore
  9. nice.... nothing like having a bowl look like new again ;)

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