a q about cloning after flowering

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  1. ok i know after flowering you can regrow her and if you flower her again she will be less potient then the first harvest but if you clone her after regrowing her will the clones be less potient also
  2. I can't see her being less potent, she mightn't produce as big a yield than before, then again, i've never had any reason to reveg a plant.
  3. Reflowering DOES NOT reduce the potency. Personally speaking, the only time I ever re-veg a plant is to take cuttings if necessary

  4. this may be a really dumb question but im a little confused. After you harvest your first time, you just keep flowering?
  5. No, that is what is referred to as a rolling harvest. Take the tops and let the lowers go for another week or two.
    The OP was referring to harvesting while leaving some small nuggs and leaves on the plant, placing back into a veg state (18-24 hr) and then flowering the plant again when it has sufficient new growth.
  6. Other than saving the genetics of a plant, i think it's pointless revegging a plant after harvest.
  7. I am still a little confused so after you harvest your plants are useless? you just get rid of them and start over?
  8. Cannabis is an annual plant so yes, after you harvest you get rid of the refuse and either plant more seeds or use clones.

    I have revegged plants for years now (see link in sig) and no they don't lose potency and the yield can be even bigger than original, if you let them grow long enough. ;)
  9. ok wow that makes plenty of sense im stoned and cloning didnt even come to mind thanks guys
  10. thanks i wanted to save the genetics but might save a lady also

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