a punk song will never change the world...

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  1. But I can tell you about a couple that changed me"

    To all the punk fans out there what are some songs that made a lasting impression on you and why? Also general punk thread.

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  2. I listened to a lot of blink 182 when I was young and then came back to them years later at about 19, they taught me to drop the bullshit that doesn't matter and go through life with a sense of humor.
  3. I listen to a lot of different varieties. I love stuff like the casualties and stuff like pennywise. But the band that really changed me was social distortion. Ever since I heard them I have never changed back. :)
  4. as cliche as it sounds, i really love "kiss me deadly" by generation x because of slc punk. i grew up listening to classic rock and alternative 90's stuff, but that movie kind of sent me on a quest to find (but still hold onto my roots) harder/more raw/primal/whatever you wanna call it music.
    & speaking of raw, "gimme danger" (off raw power, ha) by iggy & the stooges will always be perfect.
    and if i could marry glenn danzig's voice, i would.
  5. dude. i'm listening to some old green day right now stoned. this is kind of great. sorry for being so high.
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    choking victim \\ leftover crack
    all of them
    blanks77, the varukers
    elementary school i loved AFI
    as a child, and hitting puberty, the ridiculous angst expressed by them was unparalleled

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