A Psychedelic Misconception

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  1. It drives me up a fucking wall when people spread around bullshit fun facts about psychotropics. What really gets me is that a lot of people actually believe this shit. Psychedelics are so useful. My favorite drugs of all time. I respect them deeply, and I get looked at as a crazy person for eating a hit of acid when I need to do some serious introspection.

    Here's some dumb shit I've heard in the past year:

    LSD stays in your spine for the rest of your life, and if you crack your back you'll have a flashback.

    I know someone who ate LSD and now he thinks he's a glass of orange juice and is afraid someone will tip him over.

    Shrooms only grow in cow shit.

    I've heard so much bullshit it might make my ears bleed the next time I hear one of these unfounded fallacies.

    So I guess in this thread you can piss and moan with me, or share some of the dumb shit you've heard come out of people's mouths.
  2. when people tell me wow ur fucking crazy for doing acid and mushrooms its gonna make u go crazy and u will trip forever:rolleyes:
  3. I know what you mean man and it bothers me too. I wish someone could just educate the world with true facts...

    the other day in my psychology class we read an article about someone who peer pressured his straight edge friend into doing acid and that he fell off a building and is paralyzed.

    someone then asked the teacher if she ever did LSD lol. she responded with "no i wouldnt want to end up like himand im not crazy!"

    many of the students agreed with her and looked down upon anyone that would even think of trying a hit of LSD
  4. Idk man i wouldnt mind being in an insane asylum while experience the best acid trip of my life for the rest of my life.
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    Don't forget that MDMA will make your brain look like swiss cheese!

    Another common thing that bothers me is when people refer to psychedelics like LSD and mushrooms as "hallucinogens." So many people have no understanding of what a hallucination/hallucinogen actually is, and simply lump any visual or mental affect caused by a psychedelic into this category.

    Beyond that, you pretty much nailed all the common misconceptions that go around here. There is an astounding amount of ignorance about psychedelics, I would say more than almost any other type of drug. For most people it seems that they consider every single drug to have the same potential to cause physical/mental harm and destroy your life, you can just tell they have taken government propaganda about psychedelics hook, line, and sinker without ever giving it a second thought.

    Because of this I usually keep my use of psychedelics pretty much to myself unless somebody has a legitimate interest in learning about them. I do this not because I am afraid of other's opinions of me, but most people are so jaded by propaganda that any attempt to portray some drugs in a positive light is pretty useless because it falls on entirely deaf ears, they simply brush it off as "oh that's just the drugs talking, when will he snap out of it" or a similar attitude.
  6. Fuck normies, I feel ya man.
  7. I hear bs all the time, people be like i no someone who went nuts after eating a hit. and other bs but i ate 20 and im still norml:p
  8. I just get general shit like "Oh man you're gonna do acid? You're fucking stupid you're gonna DIE man!!!" from people who DRINK and smoke CIGS. I get these kinds of assholes telling me how my perfectly safe psychs are gonna kill me. Oh yeah, and E is the "worst thing i could possibly do to myself." Fuck the haters, im the one thats got to die when its time for me to die, so let me live my life the way i want to (Hendrix quote if you didnt know).

  9. Yes.


    Thank you.

    I needed to rant. You did it for me, I feel a FUCKING PSYCHIC RELEASE!

    Thank you brother.


    ;) :D :smoking:
  10. I've tripped on shrooms numerous times, but never taken any acid.

    Have you guys ever experienced flashbacks from acids? I know one kid who swears he gets them especially when he smokes, and I'm pretty sure it's a well-documented phenomenon..?

    How do you explain them, and do they impair you in any way?

  11. I honnestly thought that was true.
    A guy that did a shitload of acid in the 70's.

    Maybe not?
  12. Ive had a few "flashbacks" but i wouldnt call em that but sometimes when i blaze and look at something real quik it looks wavy but when i focus its gone
  13. Yeah. It pisses me off when people are like "that shit drills holes in your brain" (referring to LSD and MDMA), what is it a fuckin drill bit that shoots through my stomach into my brain? Or people who think im mentally insane because I'm going to have a "flashback" and freak out and kill them all or something, when all I'd really do is prob hug them haha
  14. That's about the extent of my 'flashbacks'. I'll look at some tiles in the bathroom floor and it looks like they are warping or breathing. I usually get them when I look at a cinderblock wall, or tiles, or any other pattern of squares or simple shapes. All I have to do is blink or break my stare and its gone.

    And how about pink elephants. Wtf?
  15. Yeah. Why is pink elephants the universal trip image?
  16. I told an acquaintance of mine once that I did acid and he said " Your a dumbass, that shit makes your brain bleed."

    I just shook my head and walked away....

    Ignorance, ignorance, ignorance....
  17. And leprechauns.
  18. Hah, that too. I've heard stories of people talking to Leprechauns on LSD. I'm always like, umm... no. You don't actually see things that aren't there. and they're always like "...Oh."
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  20. yea man ur preachin to the choir, acid was first used by psychiatrists to treat patients, of course its great for introspection. people can be so ignorant.

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