A province in canadas policy - Did you know?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by MedicalMonster, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. I have a medical card from my province.

    I can legally carry 150gr on me.....

    legal to grow

    Vape in front of a cop? Yeh....

    This is a crazy advancement i find no?
  2. How I wish it was that way in IL
  3. One day man. I just realized all this when I became a patient. What and how much i can do. I just called my dispensery and made an order for 15gr of sensi star 23%thc, bubblegum 14% thc, cbd nebula II 1:1 ratio, og kush.

    Morning day evening night. Not in that order. ^^^ It ll be delivered to my door by monday or tuesday.
  4. Surprised, in a good way, the way the medical program has been changing. Seemed like they were putting heavy restrictions on it last year and now its going in the opposite direction.

    I do believe that Canada will one day be the marijuana capitol of the world, probably sooner then most people think.
  5. Damn homie, where you at? PM me if u don't wanna disclose, AB myself.
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  6. Wooooo Alberta represent

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  7. Another AB resident, in the house!
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  8. You're correct on having 150g on you, traveling between provinces with that much on you, consuming in front of police, but you are not yet allowed to grow it. A few guys from BC took the government to court over it due to reasonable and affordable access in February. I believe the government was given six months to make change and allow us MMPR patients to grow.

    You can thank the Harper government for taking away medical patients' right to grow.

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  9. Fuck harper. Like that dude that used to drive around edmonton with it on his car
  10. download (1).jpg
    Had to give this old guy a thumbs up when I saw him
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