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  1. I get this error lots. What are the picture file requirements here? I feel like I must be dancing on the limits of file size
  2. me too it just happened within a month or so and most of mine get the error code
  3. oh i cant even upload any photos here so i gave up. some said taking screenshots helped them and shit but it doesnt work for me. its not about file size or anything.
  4. I travel a lot and depend on my limited amount of Phone Tethering for much of my Grass City work. I do all of my site building on PC as phones SUCK. :) So I long ago realized I needed to use the smallest pictures my Phone will take as I construct and repeatedly visit my own journal to avoid burning through all my precious, limited, tethered data before the month was up. Even that picture-file size continues to go up as progressively newer phones have ever larger minimum size they'll take.

    I've been unaffected since this upload issue started.

  5. i cant even upload a 584kb photo. i have these string of photos shot with the same device at the same time but only half uploads and rest gives me the said error. so i dont think its file size.
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  6. That is around the smallest of mine and the rest are 3 meg. So ya I'll have to agree it doesn't seem to be file size.
    <-- knocks on wood I'm not having issues.
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  7. Could it be to long of a file name? I'm gonna compare characters in file names next time it happens
  8. Any admins wanna chime in?
  9. first try with 3.2 mb and no go with a 984 kb so size in fact does not matter contrary to what she says
  10. So what did you change?
  11. 14F3F867-5199-4E12-A9CE-363A75FD11E8.jpeg 2013EFF3-7031-43BF-8695-60BE8610D499.jpeg 099E69AE-9E98-4C66-BF81-02505169B0A8.jpeg

    tried 3 cannabis photos, only 2 uploaded 1 didnt and the screenshot ofc
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  12. This is super annoying. Half of the pictures I want to load fail, how is that's such a persistent problem on such a long standing forum
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  13. Well aware of the issue: Are You Having Issues with Posting Pictures?

    I've tried for months to get this issue resolved. I talked to @Lizard King last week about it and he said he might be able to get to it in about 3 weeks or so. He's very busy with the Grasscity Shop as it comes before the forums.
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