A problem? or is it all in my head...

Discussion in 'General' started by THCeeds, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. well... recently ive been worry'd about myself.... somedays im just so board and somewhat depressed and somedays im having fun chillin with my freinds n stuff... idk i think its just tha lack of things to do is making me feel this way... but it was like a few months ago when everyday i was happy and having a good time... now its like on and off... its strange.... anyone know of a way to fix this or help it at least...

    idk i guess im just realy... board or something...

    please anyone... any ideas??

    thanks =D

    oh also... im sorry if thats hard to understand or read...
  2. I have the same damn problem dude. Lately its been more depressed and bored with life. I just chill and listen to music. I recently picked back up Skateboarding and it has helped so much. I have something to get excited about again. Also hanging out with my girlfriend is quite nice.
  3. wow no joke i was literally telling somebody else this like an hour ago
    like this is really fucked up
  4. wow very intresting i ddnt think anyone els was on tha same boat as me... idk its like im getting board of life or something... its realy a quite confussing feeling....

    i hate it..

    i wanna have fun and live my life again like i used 2... hmmm
  5. Sounds like signs of depression. If it gets real bad see a doc, they have stuff that works pretty good now days. The main thing is to keep busy, and keep your mind off of things. Too much time for pondering life can be a bad thing sometimes, for some people. Try to think about positive things vs negative. Good luck, hope you start feeling better.
  6. I have the same problem, i tell people about it but no one seems to care, i dont have medical insurance, so i cant go see the doc. Is there a doc in the city?
  7. Same thing here, pretty much live on autopilot
  8. sounds like bipolar, I used to be depressed but then I just started doing things to improve my life and now I'm happy. Start working out, it makes you feel so good.
  9. Yuuuup. I live on "autopilot" also. Im actually diagnosed with bipolar by the famliy doctor, he gave me meds for it and shit, but I stopped taking them cause they made me feel fake.

    Believe me OP, you aint the only one in this boat. Guess all I can say is find something that you like to do and then do the fuck out of it.
  10. Thats kind of funny my moms bipolar.
  11. make cash, however you gotta do it, get a job, slang dope, whatever, when the cash flows, theres no such thing as life being 'boring'
    you can pay for anything you want....
    whoever said money isnt everything sure didnt have much of it....:smoking:

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