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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by jahwork328, Jan 16, 2004.

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  1. Wow, this is so unrelated to anything that this site represents, but I have no one else to turn to.

    Have you ever met someone that just made time stop? Have you ever looked into a girl\'s eyes and seen everything that you could hope for and more?

    I\'m sorry, I\'m drunk and oversentimal. But I can\'t get a certain person out of my head... But she isn\'t my girlfriend. my girlfriend is in love with me...

    But there is someone else... I met her, and for the breiifest moment, I wanted nothing but her...

    What should I do? The new girl Is definately out of my league... But i feel like It\'s innapppropiate to stay with someone that im *supposed* to love, when it\'s obvious that my feelings are very easily swayed...

    I\'m sorry guys... I guess that I just needed to rant...

    :0) You know who my first love is? And my numero uno bitch? MARY JANE
  2. hey bud, we\'ve all felt it before.

    this new girl is just an infatuation, the old girl is love. the similarities can sometimes prove deadly...

    take a look at this to help you decide:

    Infatuation may have some of the following characteristics:
    · Jealousy and distrust – jealousy of friends or activities.
    · One person hangs on to the other
    · Partners have an idealized image of each other
    · There is a high level of fear of losing the other
    · The relationship is built on physical attraction
    · One person is always giving more than receiving
    · The relationship is the most important thing in your life and you depend upon it to make you feel important
    · There may be violence in the relationship
    · One person frequently makes promises that aren\'t kept
    · The relationship may cause you to function less well than usual at school, work, or home and you find yourself spending all of your time together.

    Love has the following qualities:
    · Honesty, respect and trust
    · Mutual giving and receiving
    · Each partner feels a commitment to the other
    · Partners have a balanced interest in other areas of life besides the relationship
    · Both people can handle highs and lows in the relationship
    · Both people are allowed to be themselves and feel at ease with the other
    · You both enjoy your time together
    You feel as though the two of you are close friends, the physical attraction is only one aspect of the feelings you share.

    anyways man, stick with the girl you know and love, itll work out much better than any hopes you have with this new girl.

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