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  1. If viewed as a farce, one would see a drama with no apparent goal, direction or end in sight. The play is upheld by shaky maintenance teams disputing history, religion, science... inspiring endless fights among the actors... Quite frankly, it's a mess -- and we really don't know what is going on, but we put the events on record, study them... and are even more confused as we modify theoretical filters in order to understand more of this mess.

    On stage, there are those who take central roles -- as leaders, commanders, priests; heroes and villains. They are held accountable for upholding law, order and development. However, if you look closer at their most common characteristics, you'll find ambition clad in arrogance, opportunism, lack of empathy, greed, and insecurity, along with a constant need to conform. One thing makes them differ from the other stage animals: they have a direction and a goal, seeking the aphrodisiac known as POWER.

    These individuals generate a variety of epithets, anywhere from "sociopath" for the deviant criminal to "man of action" for the tempestuous CEO. "They" will seize the opportunity when and however it appears to them; as boorish Cesare Borgias, "they" are naturally schooled in Machiavellian manipulation and Sun Tzu warfare.

    Lower down in the pyramidal hierarchy (or social scene), we find empathy, integrity, accountability, and loyalty to be considered key issues. This forum is an example of such qualities at work - and all of this takes place in peaceful societies that rely on the stability of the power-hungry climbers above.

    What is this destructive, yet self-generating, oxymoronic structure (society) if not an absurdity?
  2. and wouldnt it be wonderful if that all changed?
  3. you've just explained the Theatre of the Absurd pretty much:p

    and yes, pavlakos, it would be wonderful. so what are we waiting for? we gotta start doing something!! americans are too complacement - or maybe all of humanity. Im going to throw out a controversial name, and say that i agree with Negligent... fuck all the fluoride in our water (its just one of the many problems though haha)
  4. Interesting, life is full of wonder, confusion, excitement, disappointment and so on. I guess that's why its called life.

    Everything you know, think or feel has been influenced by a world created by man. You accept facts as such because you are taught that. Just keep an open mind and realize that everything is relative, including you perception of reality and life as you know it. The only things in life that are beyond the metaphysical, human induced, "reality" of that which you describe, are things that are natural and pure.

    MJ is natural and pure, and will open your mind to realities often suppressed by our crazy and all to complex world. Spend some time meditating in nature and with close people that you care about. The only things you can really count on are those that are solid and fixed.

    So, most importantly...remember to be true to yourself and those whom rely on you and trust you. Make your own impressions of the world and take its "facts" for what they are...just presented information. How's that cool Rush song go..."and I will choose Freewill".

    Last but not least I think you need to listen to my song of the day...others have came to similar conclusions as us!


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