A possible way to fix glass pieces

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  1. Yesterday morning I woke up and rolled out of bed, grabbed my bong, perc, stem and bowl, fitting them all together while I walked down the hall to my kitchen. I turned on the sink and started rinsing out the whole thing, and noticed water dripping right out the bottom of my brand new perc.
    The piece is one of the standard 8 arm trees, bottle shaped, but this one had a long pillar connecting the tree to the bottom as well as the top. Good for the tree, bad for the frame of the perc I guess, because there was a crack lazily circling the bottom of the pillar. Given that it was one solid piece, I figured I could fix it.
    I grabbed the brick of beeswax I use for wicks and placed a dime sized chunk over the crack, put a torch lighter to the wax, and it sealed it perfectly. Now the perc does have a round cover of wax on the very bottom of it, but it seems to have done the job perfectly, I've even washed it with 91% isopropyl alcohol to clean it yesterday and today. Works fine for now.

    Tl, dr?

    My perc cracked on the bottom, I put beeswax on it and it sealed it very well. So for anybody with a broken piece, as long as no high heat hits that part you put wax on, using beeswax for glue is a less-toxic alternative to gorilla or super glue.

    Also, using a dot of beeswax to "seal" the joints of your stem and perc works very well. Heat up the dot of wax until it melts, then connect the parts. The piece will require a decent amount more effort before it comes out. Don't smoke that shit on accident though, not sure how that is for you.

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