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  1. I want to start this by saying there is no right or wrong way to do this. There are a million guides that explain how to do this and this is one more variation of the same thing. With that said the reason for my making another is the ones I have read previously tell the reader to buy things that they don't necessarily need or to do things in a way that is more complicated than they need to be. The goal of this guide is to be more of a poor mans guide. designed for beginners to spend as little as possible, making things as simple as possible and still have solid results.

    First a list of things you will need and a link to each of them.

    Fertilizer veg and bloom

    A PH meter

    Bottle of PH up

    spray bottle

    seed starting soil

    A greenhouse - this one is completley optional. It lets you start earlier/finish later and provides a bit more secuirty/privacy

    So I am going to assume you have a seed and a solo cup. the cups are cheaper at your local store than amazon so if you dont have the cups run and grab some and with a lighter and a nail or a knife or whatever put a few drain holes in the bottom.

    Take the cup you have your holes in and fill it almost to the top with soil. Leave half an inch of empty space at the top. take your seed and lay it on the top of the soil in the center of the cup. Do not poke a hole in the soil. Instead take a couple of small pinches of the soil and sprinkle it over the seed. you want to cover it, not bury it. Now, take your spray bottle and fill it with water. this is what the tote is for (to collect rain water) but to start out its perfectly fine to get a bottle of spring water or whatever from your local store as long as it is chlorine free. You want to mist you soil where the seed is. do not drown it just mist it until the soil around your seed is thoroughly wet. You'll want to keep misting this 2 to 3 times a day to make sure it stays wet and keep this cup in a warm place where its getting plenty of light. A window works great for this. Your seed doesnt need it but once it sprouts your new plant will! this will take about three days for your seed to sprout. Keep misting your plant and the soil. Your roots are not strong enough at this point to stand the disruption of a lot of water being dumped into the cup on them. use your own judgment when its time to move to pouring water into the cup but it will be at least a week or two before they will need that. when you do water it do so gently. This is all that you need to do for a seedling. the soil provides enough nutrition for the seedling and it will take in water through the leaves as you mist while your roots develop. do not add fertilizer yet.

    So now we're two to three weeks down the road and your plant is getting decent sized in your cup. You are going to want to move her (hopefully its a her) outside and into a bigger container. There are as many ways to do this as there are people doing it. This is just one way to do it. I think its the simplist way and its easy to follow step by step with out too much hassle but feel free to expand or change this however you want to suit your own needs. youre going to want to dig a hole. A big hole. dig it wide and dig it deep. You want your ladies to be able to spread her roots easily through the soil so make it big. now this is optional and i would reccomend it but it isnt required. Get a bag of compost and mix it with the soil that you just dug from your hole to add extra nutrients to the the soil then back fill your hole. make room in the soil for your plant, cover the roots over and give it a good misting and very lightly water the soil. You will want to be careful with your first few waterings as your roots arent established in the soil and you want to disturb them as little as possible. Now this puts your squarly in the vegetative stage. a few pointers for this. You want to make sure that you have as much light as possible. The earlier your plants get sun the better as it will dry them from the morning dew and keep mold and other problems to a minimum. If you opted for the greenhouse this is less of a concern but you should be more concerned about the heat. a good fan with the doors and windows open goes a long way to get the heat out of the greenhouse.

    Its been a few days and your plant is nice and happy in the soil and its time for a good feed. This step is of critical importance. You want to feed your plant rain water. Thats what you got the tote for. So go fill up a gallon jug with water and follow the instructions on the 5-1-1 bottle (you dont need to worry about micro nutes the soil will provide that). it doesnt have to be exact because this stuff can not burn your plants. Your rain water should have a PH of 7. maybe its 6.9 maybe its 7.1 but youre going to be right in the ball park of 7.0 its good to check it before you add anything to see where youre at but you should be right at 7. Now once you add your fish fertilizer youre going to be around a PH of 4. I have read several people say this fertilizer sucks or it burned their plants. neither of these are true. This is OMRI certified fertilizer and is very good for your plants what these people have done wrong is they didnt check the PH and they have trashed the plant because the water was way too acidic. Add your Fertilizer to your water check the PH with the meter you bought and add PH up to adjust. There like every other step is a million different schools of thought as to what is the best PH. At the end of the day between 6.0 and 7.0 is fine but shoot for 6.3 to 6.7 any where in that range will do just fine. every three to four days alternate between pure rain water and your fertilizer. this is it. maintain this schedule for the summer and your plant will grow to be huge. I am not getting into advanced topping or LST stuff this is just to explain the process of growing the plant although topping your plant at least once is ideal.

    A couple of side notes if you are growing outside youre going to have bugs and stuff in your garden. this is normal.
    neem oil is safe and if you get bugs in your plant it will kill them if they eat the plant. here is a link for it. follow the directioins and use a seperate spray bottle to use this stuff. keep them seperate so when you think youre giving only water you are giving only water. Your plant will start to flower when they are starting to get less sunlight everyday. thats why its important to pick a good open area for them to grow. if the sun is still up but youre getting shadows on your plants at 7pm they will flower. also i think this goes with out saying but I will say it anyway. Female plants produce buds, males produce pollen. if you do not get the males out of your garden they will pollenate your females and this is where seeds come from. You will still get buds but they will not be as good and they will be more seed than flower. thats ok if you want to do your own genetics but if you want straight buds get rid of the males. there are a million videos showing you how to identify the two but in a nutshell females around the end of july will start to get little white hairs in the space between the branches while males will get little balls. You can find a video showing you this process. Just be 100% sure you have a male before you throw away all your hard work.

    the last stage of life is the flower stage. you want to be careful here because nothing hurts like seeing your big buds die and have to be thrown away. once you have gotten rid of your males and the females are starting to bud you are almost there. you want to change from the 5-1-1 fertilizer to the 0-10-10 once you start to get buds. you dont want to do it while you just have little white hairs wait let them use the extra nitrogen to stretch and get ready to flower. they will grow very rapidly in this stage. (very late veg/very early flower) once you see that youre getting buds switch to the Morebloom and use as directed. if you wanted to do something like 1/4 to 1/3 strength and do it once a week that should be ok but remember less is more here. its better to under feed than over feed. this whole flower phase takes 7-9 weeks depending on the strain you have. you will know when your plants are done because your trichomes will get milky and the hairs will turn brownish red. When you see 10% of those trichomes get a darker amber color its time to harves. You can harvest some buds and leave some more on the plant a bit longer if you think some are done and some are not quite ready. thats perfectly fine to do. One thing to remember here is bud rot will destroy your whole grow QUICK. get a fan if possible and have it blow on your plants to help keep air moving around and keep the buds dry. if you cant use a fan you want them to be exposed to sun as early as possible and as much air as possible. look around your grow area for a place that meets those conditions before you put them in the ground. A great veg stage means nothing if disease gets your plants before you do.

    I am not going in to how to cure and dry etc. There are plenty of guides that explain that. You can get as creative with this process as you want or you can duplicate what i said exactly. Its up to you. But you do not need $1000 dollars worth of lighting and compost tea's and fancy soil. A trip to your local garden center will get basically everything you need. Remember this is a plant not rocket science. This thing is alive and wants to remain that way with as little help from you as possible. Less is more. Make sure your pH is correct, dont let it get too hot and for the love of god dont let bud rot kill your plants a week before they are done. Good luck, everyone!
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