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a poll about good polls about good polls

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hippie john, May 7, 2003.


What was the point of the "a good poll about good polls" poll?

  1. i dont think there was one

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  2. i dont know

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  3. it was just digit excersizing his poll master skills;)

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  4. i dont know what the hell your talking about:confused:

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  1. I have no idea, but maybe this guy does?


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    cool poll hippie J!

    i had to choose "it was just digit excersizing his poll master skills"

    and if im a bit more honest i'll have to add that i was just annoyed at a few polls that didnt meet my high standards :p
  3. I just think digit has mad poll skillz!

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  4. i have no idea why digit is the way he is! ha:)
  5. Does anybody here know anything about building a pole barn?
  6. a wha????????????????
  7. that makes three shoddy digit clones and one digit, and an elephant that wants to find a pole barn builder, or whatever

  8. I got two pole barn builders bidding on a building a pole barn but believe a better pole barn builder is out there that builds better-built pole barns.

    What is a pole barn you ask???? Well, a pole barn is a barn built of poles. Ha-ha. Instead of a traditional foundation, 6 x 6 lumber is set into the ground like fence post at the corners of the barn and the barn is framed around these posts.

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