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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mist425, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Alright, so truth be told I thought this up when I was completely blazed a few hours ago but now that I'm less high it still seems like a decent idea to me. Please tell me what you think about it, also whether or not you think other people would go for it.

    *sorry for the screwy formatting but I copied and pasted this

    A national polling system is to be implemented by the federal government. The system is composed of an online poll in which constituents in a given district vote for questions they would most like to see answered by their local mayor, their state governor, and both their state senators. Questions to Mayors can only be posed by citizens that reside in that Mayor’s jurisdiction. The poll is conducted every other week. The top five voted questions are then asked to the proper representative (5 for the mayor, 5 for the governor, 5 to be asked to both senators).

    In the week in between when sets of questions are posed the representative will provide either a video or written response addressing the posed questions. The representative will explain his or her position on the subject and describe what legislative actions, if any, are being taken in regards to the issue that has been brought up.

    The legislator will have no obligation whatsoever to acquiesce to any requests voted to the top by the people, rather, they are only obliged to address the question posed and make clear their thoughts on the matter.

    Voting will be conducted by providing one’s driver license I.D number. The online database will essentially ‘check off’ an I.D number once used so as to ensure people are not able to vote more than once and so fraud can be detected more easily. The given issues a person voted for will not in any way be recorded with their license I.D number. Local and statewide organizations will poll an appropriately sized random sample of voters so as to ensure the online results are legitimate.

    I just thought something like this would really speed up our legislative process. With communication increased between legislators and constituents it will be harder for people to be voted in by representing a certain ‘image’. Their opinions on topical issues, not just a few hot-button ones at election time, will have to speak for themselves.

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