A Poem from my Totem.

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    My writing juices have been flowing. So I give to you all, my poem that is glowing.

    This is a poem
    about a modem
    I wrote…. while itching my scrotum

    I was playing halo
    Drinking a Modelo

    It started blinking.
    I began thinking,
    Am I no longer linking?
    My heart…. began sinking.

    Am I going to lag out?
    Before... I get this frag out?
  2. up in the sky
    oh so high
    coverd in ice
    head to toe
    damn the price
    feel the wind blow
  3. I feel ya sensimilla.
  4. sinsemilla's the best
    your money can buy
    although i confess
    mexican shit will
    get you high
    but who really likes
    stems seeds and headaches
    have what you want
    without the fakes

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