a poem for the youtube marijuana mess

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    A group of pilgrims put up the last board to their shack
    And put up a silver guilded plaque.
    It said “this is a place for the knowledge of the land
    for the lyrics of greatest band,
    the adventures of the greatest knight,
    to be kept in stone, wax, and paper forever night”
    The towns folk soon learned of this place,
    and went there to learn of its grace.
    They enjoyed reading the tales of other towns folk,
    and to learn of how long their leather should soak.
    To leave in quill their own guides,
    and to brag of how much ale they put into their insides.
    The shack soon grew into a magnificent building,
    of many books, and stories, and the plaque received a new golden guilding.
    There were many tales of the men who drunk ale, and wine,
    but drink was outlawed and those who consumed paid a hefty fine.
    The king decided that the library should hold a vote,
    and the questions he answer the people wrote.
    They asked of the bordering towns folk who flock to their town,
    and all the problems that were around.
    The people wrote to their king about ale,
    and their king to the people did fail.
    To answer their question the king did not,
    The peoples attitude towards the king soon turned quite hot.
    Yet, again they they asked their king,
    and hope to their aspirations he did not bring.
    The people rose up with whatever they could get,
    bows for hunting, axes for chopping, and of course their wit.
    They broke into the kings bedroom when he lay asleep,
    and what they saw did make them weep.
    bottles of the finest wines,
    lay upon the table he dines.
    The people then forced their king to pay back the fines,
    and reperations of many kinds.
    The king was laden with heavy guilt,
    so he gave ale to all to be spilt.

    Tell me what you think
  2. I really really love the poem! That was really well done man.

    Question though- what "youtube marijuana mess" are you referring to
  3. When everybody voted on the polls on youtube, and gmail for marijuana related questions for obama to answer. And he totally ignored all of them :(
  4. Oh, I did hear about that. What a shame.
  5. ya it was very lame :(. I just threw that poem together in about ten mins though, its kinda like how and
    the library would represent youtube, and the king would represent obama. And how obama admits to "inhaling
    frequently" yet he is still part of a government that puts so many people away for doing it, and this is
    represented by the king who makes alcohol illegal but still drinks himself.

    Lol if you care :D

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