A poem and a cry for help.

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    This poem fucked me all up inside, really hit home for me... I just found out today that my ex, who I am still madly in love with, got married and didn't tell me. God damn you, facebook! DESTROYER OF WORLDS!!!!

    Oh, yeah. The poem. Here ya go.

    I thought about you today...

    always searching,
    never finding-
    the treasured love I lost
    when you chose to leave

    I thought about you today...

    The day you left
    darkness encaptured me.
    Like a deteriorating disease,
    it slowly ravaged my body
    until all that was left were my final breaths...
    tiny whispers ready to escape my lips at any moment.

    I thought about you today...

    You are my candy coated drug.
    Sweetest on the outside,
    but a dangerously explosive mixture on the inside,
    which in large doses would become more deadly
    than any other caution found within this hazardous world.

    I thought about you today...

    Ironic it seems
    how that now you want to go,
    I make you my priority.
    When I had you, I neglected you.
    When you left me, I stalked you.
    What more can I give?
    The world would be such a diminutive price to pay
    for the most valuable lover of my life.
    I just need one lifetime in your arms....

    I thought about you today....


    Didn't you know?


    is everyday...​

    Edit; I should be clear. The poem is called "A poem and a cry for help".

    I am not crying for help over my ex situation. Just in case anyone gets the wrong idea haha.
  2. "never make someone you priority when you're only an option."
  3. Ooh, and a song to fit with the poem. Why not, right?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=886AQqcM8Tk]YouTube - This Aint A Love Song - Official Video - Scouting For Girls[/ame]

  4. One of my favorite quotes :)
  5. I'm sorry you got your heart crushed.
    Facebook is the devil.
    My current bf wont even FB friend me cause he "wants to keep this in the real world"...fine with me.
    Chin up.
    Can't change the past.

  6. That real rap. +rep
  7. Honestly, you can and you can't hold facebook responsible. Like sure, ppl are assholes and make asshole mistakes to which doesn't help that your entire facebook can comment but at the same time as a conscious person we should all keep in mind that this is facebook. I've literally had to change my settings to keep ppl from writing on my wall due to a ppl just being stupid.

    Once my phone gets cut back on, i'm deleting my facebook. It freaks me out something serious knowinig someone can type my name into google and find me.
  8. I'm sorry to hear about your break up and your ex marrying. I know how that feels because my ex-girlfriend got married pretty soon after she cheated on me and dumped me. I hope that everything gets better for you and who knows you might just meet somebody else who is a better match for you. You just never know man.

  9. That's what I'm hoping for.

    I appreciate the encouragement.
  10. Yep, one day you'll find someone better... you might still have some attraction to her, but I don't know, it's kind of complicated, but long story short, you'll get over her, eventually, if you'll let yourself.

    Actually, my first and best ex is engaged and now wants to be normal friends with me. Of course, I only hear from her when she's drinking and lonely, but it's a little weird, but ok, I'll be engaged soon too, to a girl that's better than her, so it all worked out in the end.

    EDIT: oh, and the poem, the poem was pretty good, I could do a critique sort of thing if you like, I saw some stuff I thought could be made more effective, but overall, pretty good, especially given the subject matter... of course, any critique given would come in about a week, I'll be offline for awhile.
  11. Damn nice poem, hit home with me :(

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