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    with all the negative going around about attitude, i felt i would post a plus about them.

    placed my order on the 8th with guaranteed shipping with the shirt, was shipped the 10th, and received today(17th) with in the original breeder pack along with the freebies

    ordered just a 3 pack of feminized lowryder # 2, and got my 4 freebies. really just wanted to do a test run with a small cheap order from the site with all the negative going around about them, but now that i have my experience with them(and a positive one), i will be placing a larger order with them next time around if i decide to go autoflowering again, otherwise if i go with a regular grow, i will just pick up clones from a mmj dispensary

    was just showing my experience with them

    i have yet to germinate the seeds, but that is beyond their problem now if they dont germinate, at least the joint dr's LR #2's, due to them being in the original packaging, and would be the fault, not attitudes if there is a germination problem(or even my fault)

    and i had just used a pre paid mastercard so, i dont know about the whole credit card theft and am not worried about it. if someone gets the #'s, their getting like 30 cents


    plan to germinate in the next few days and start up a new grow

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  2. yeah man. attitude has always pulled through for me. never takes longer than 10 days to get my seeds. happy growing.
  3. They are one of the best out there. Just ordered some Barneys Farm Pineapple chunk which looks pretty tasty.:D
  4. I like the tude. Single Seed Centre Too!
  5. wow, that shirt design is really cool, gotta order that one on my next purchase from the tude.
  6. I also ordered on the the 8th for the free autos and received them yesterday. I checked USPS just to see if had updated and it went from passed to overseas for delivery to delivered on the same day. (10 days to southeast USA)

    Again, I have nothin but love for the "Tude.

  7. is this what it said cuz i have been on this for like 5 days

    Your item, posted on 14/05/10 with reference XXXXXXXXXXXXX has been passed to the overseas postal service for delivery.
  8. It sure did.
    Patience, it's on the way!

  9. cool new shirts!!! got two of the bomb squad ones already...glad I will not have three, I have an order that left on the 10th also ....

    and cannabiscurtis.. I have had orders go through the attitude, and had the USPS never even admit they have recieved em till the day they arrive, and then to tell me they are in my PO box..I have also had em that I was told when in to NY , then out of NY, AND then to my PO box.. not exactly the most reliable on notification ..but your goods will arrive

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