A pleasant thought

Discussion in 'General' started by Gooseman, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Whenever I fart, microscopic particles of poo get inhaled by anybody within my immediate vicinity.

    Therefore, I have people consuming my fecal matter in small amounts on a daily basis.:smoke:
  2. When you brush your teeth with the toilet lid up you are letting shit particles get up in your mouth and on your toothbrush for safe keeping. Pretty sweet
  3. Every time both of you talk my mouth starts to taste like poopoo. boooo shit talkers
  4. You know what? I don't appreciate the tone of your voice, young man... Or at least what I imagine your voice's tone may be at the moment...

    Fuck it, time for some more muscle relaxants, my back is starting to hurt again.:(
  5. You know what??? im currently taking a shit while posting this.... wait the longer i sit here the more poo i inhale right?

    I wonder if it will tie me over till lunch :yummy:

    i love the morning pooes, always chopppy

    ps: the tone is very grunty - which wasnt a real word until now.
    shit just got real
  6. Fuck, I hate taking a shit first thing in the morning... usually of the softer, more burning variety that never seems to fully come out, forcing you to pinch off a log and spend the next 5 minutes wiping your ass trying to get rid of all the skid.:mad:

    I wait until lunch time, when it's had time to solidify and when I have full mental control, making the shit much easier and more enjoyable. :smoke:
  7. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
  8. shits feel so good man
  9. This man speaks only the truth. :hello:
  10. Little known fact:
    Shit is mostly made up of your dead red blood cells, so....
    Many of you are inhaling microscopic particles of Gooseman's red blood cells! :eek: LMFAO!
  11. i love smelling my armpits while shitting. it keeps both smells fresh. If i become bored of one, just smell the other.

  12. Well, that is how I have managed to stay alive for over 10,000 years, by transferring my consciousness to another host body after my current one wears out. My cells remain dormant in your system until the proper time for me to phase transfer my consciousness into your brain, thus commandeering your body, as well as your mind. I retain all knowledge of the people I consume, growing my mental and physical powers to unbelievable levels.

    ...You are not one worth of becoming my next host body. You're too unstable for my consciousness. I may become mentally unstable, and that could be chaotic. :eek:

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