A plane vaporized on impact!

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  1. In Shanksville, PA on 9/11/2001.

    Can someone explain the physics behind that? It's never happened before in the history of aviation so I was wondering. Someone has to know how the hell that's possible.

  2. its not.
  3. WTF? So essentially you are saying right as the plane hit the earth it turned to vapor?
  4. im pretty sure i remember seeing this on the news, they only found a few bits of debris.
  5. yeah. look it up. they found nothing. not a single drop of blood. not a single limb. not a single chair, engine, wing, landing gear... nothing. there was "debris" but nothing was larger than what looked to be a piece of notebook paper. this is the first time in history that it has ever happened. for example....

    Spanair Flight JK5022 Crashed in Spain

    Flight 93 crashd in Shanksville, PA - 9/11/2001

    ALL they found was a smoking crater.
  6. The plane didn't vaporize, it simple broke into many many small peices. Matter can't simply disappear.
  7. ok... but how? how does a 100 ton commercial jetliner disintergrate into "many many small pieces", without a TRACE of an aircraft left to be found? surely ATLEAST one distinguishable piece of the two 7,000lb Pratt & Whitney PW2037s would have survived... like maybe the titanium alloy rotor. there was no debris found that has always survived your jet liner crashes. as i've said for the 3rd time now... this was the first time in history that a commercial airline passenger plane has crashed and was completley distintergrated upon impact.

    please explain how 99% of a 200,000lb plane broke up to pieces so small you could put them into a backpack.
  8. This is insane.
    Completely vaporized?
    a little iffy if you ask me.
  9. in essence, that's what the aircraft did. there should have been 200,000lbs of material in and around the crash site. there obviously wasn't. like chronix said, matter cannot appear and disappear like that.... so where did it go?
  10. Then what happened to the plane?? Maybe David Copperfield made it disapear? I think if it gets hot enough it will burn up or vaporize as you say. I saw a video of the plane hitting the Pentagon and the video said "how can a 757 fit in the hole that blew into the building?" Looking at the hole it looks to be exactly the size of a 757 hull.
  11. yes, the fuselage probably could have fit into the hole, but what about the wings and vertical stabilizers? where are the horror stories from the family members of the people who were onboard? flight 93 got a movie made about it, what about the other 3 "aircraft" involved?

    read this... look at the date and time.


    if flight 93 landed at KCLE then what "crashed" in PA?
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    yes but the 2 engine holes werent there, theres many holes in 9/11, but whats easier to believe terrorist hijacked a plane or the government set up a secret operation and sent 2 for sure airliners into the WTC s and blew up a hole in shanksville and then hit the pentagon with another random plane.

    if you want to here more on the conspiracy google loose change
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    if you guys have some time check this out:


    its got a lot of more information and insight into what youre talking about. apparently there were videos of the plane hitting the pentagon, and immediately after it happened the FBI took them and they still havent been released. check it out, its long but it has a lot of info and its really entertaining.

    edit: didnt realize that the guy above mention loose change, whats what i posted the link to.
  14. Morgan, Rothschild, Rockefeller.

    That's all I've got to say.
  15. with all the jet fuel on board

    i'm not suprised that it was blown to smitherines

    seems pretty logical to me
  16. there is one gallon of jet fuel for every 15 pounds of aircraft.... so ONE gallon of fuel per 15lbs is enough to explode with a violent force so strong that the entire aircraft... the ENTIRE AIRCRAFT was completely obliterated? im sorry but that's defies all known laws of physics. it is simply not possible.

  17. maybe u underestimate the strength of jet fuel as a combustable

    one gallon contained inside 15 lbs of most material is enough to blow that material to hell and back

    why can't a couple hundred gallons of jet fuel held in an airplane do the same thing?

    and there where prolly some other materials in the plane that could have added to the explosion

    and also it could have been the way the plane landed

    if it skidded then there would have been a lot more wreckage

    but from the looks of it the plane hit the ground nose first, went no further, and blew up into a billion pieces
  18. and how many times has that happened before? show me ONE plane crash with NO distinguishable debris.
  19. Just because it hasnt happened before doesnt mean it cant.
    I agree with bleezie. Jet fuel is some crazy shit its not that hard to understand.
  20. it's just like how hitler burned down his own parliament building in 1933. our government isn't perfect. people put too much trust in a system that is controlled by other people... and there are some fucked up people in this world if you havent seen it already. our government is no different. stop living inside a box and think about it.

    jetfuel is basically kerosene. sooo... how many times have you seen a kerosene heater turn into a bomb of that porportion? and yet again, i ask for someone, anyone, to show me ONE picture of a jetliner crash with the same amount of debris as that of flight 93.

    why did a few of the passengers on flight 93, when making calls home, say their first and last names to their parents and spouses? how did the terrorists get the "box cutters" onto the aircraft? why arent their names, or any "middle eastern" sounding name on the flight manifest?

    how did they did they do DNA testing on the passengers of flight 77 (that supposedly crashed into the pentagon)? i mean, it makes since to me that if a plane can cause that much destruction on titanium alloys and such, human flesh wouldnt have a chance to survive. DNA is destroyed at 100C, it's not that hard to understand.

    the laws of physics didnt stop between the hours of 8am and 7pm on sept. 11th, 2001

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