***** a plane crashed into a house!

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  1. Understatement of the day right there. :p
  2. damn man thats a horrible way to go.....

    and think about if driving home... and ur listening to the radio and u hear about a plane crashing into a house and tehres fucking cops all around ur street and once u get there ur house be up in flames that would suck
  3. Fucking ridiculous to care more about the material (your house) than the spiritual (your fellow human fatalities).
  4. Dude the people in merry ole england are broadcasting the USA news for some reason. Thats wierd. They use some funky ass words.
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    "This is clearly a tragedy," said Dave Bissonette, the town's natural disaster services coordinator.

    Why don't hey have some anti terror teams or something.
    This is no natural disaster.

    "Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) permanently grounded its fleet of Dash 8s after three crash landings during a two-month period in 2007 that were blamed on the aircraft's landing gear."

    Ok, but a plane hit a house, it did not slide down a run way.

    "At this time, officials said they are not concerned about a hazardous materials situation on the ground. "

    Putting the people first, once again.

    "Authorities said the plane went down near a local fire hall, so firefighters were quick to respond to the accident scene."

  6. I knew there was a reason I don't do planes. :poke:

    Half the time I don't even trust the person at the wheel of a car I'm in, hell if I'mma let some random stranger pilot me thousands of feet through the air. :hide:

    I'll stay on the ground. :eek:

  7. yeah true that man like i said its a horrible way to go..... plane crashes arent usually that bad like their must have been something really wrong with that plane for that to happen... my condolences go out to the families who lost loved ones
  8. Yeah, theres only two people I trust to drive me around. As for flying, Id much rather drive. if I cant drive there, then I probably got no business there.
  9. Edited my post.


  10. Someone important must have been on that plane... Maybe Bill Maher?

    This fucking breaking news bullshit is inturrupting my goddamn larry king goddamnit!:mad:
  11. Agreed completley. Planes are certainly not for me.

    It really would suck if a big ass plane crashed on your house, but hopefully they cared more that 40 people died in the process.
  12. Donnie Darko.
  13. Yeah but that was just like a jet engine(i think)... This was a whole plane.
  14. this shit happened 5 minutes from my house. i live in east amherst and this shit hit farm land in clearence. it was about 5 minutes away from the airport. they closed down my blazing roads. its all farmland baack there and no cops. good escape from the suburbs. what i dont understand tho is the houses there are spread about 2 miles apart each so y the fuck couldnt he land in a corn field or whatever ? im def gonna have to go with a government conspiracy!!

  15. Dunno man, but the videos Ive seen on the surrounding areas shows theres atleast one or two other houses in close proximity to the house that got hit.
  16. ya my bad there were houses there.
  17. Reminds me of Donnie Darko.
  18. thats exactyly wat i was gonna say, what if the plane actually did come from the future?????:eek:

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