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A Pipe to Outlast the Ages.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Loki_Da_Ganja, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I've… been in a rather steady depression lately, so I've been keeping to myself most of the time now. The other day I was making a pipe, nothing special, just a junky little thing to use on some herb I had that day and I just thought what was the point? I was putting so much effort into making something that wasn't going to last a week, why should I bother?

    And then the idea came to me… I would make a pipe that would last longer than I would in this life. So I grabbed a piece of paper, and began to sketch.

    ~ ~ ~ o ~ ~ ~

    The pipe would be constructed roughly seven to nine feet in length, three or so feet in width and fashioned after the classic glass steamroller shape. It would be constructed out of a frame made from welded rods of iron with cement or concrete sculpted around it, later to be rounded formed with smaller hand tools and smoothed out, perhaps even sealed to ensure that weather conditions wouldn't erode it with age. The pipe naturally would have to be situated at a place where smoking weed is legal, such as a park or other such secluded place.

    To make the pipe functional a stainless steel length of piping about an inch and a half in diameter would need to be situated in the center from the bottom of the bowl to the stem, though as for how to make the bowl end functional I'm still trying to figure it out. I think I would need to figure out some little throw-away contraption that you could make in about a minute or two that you just slid into the bowl of this giant smoking toy and just put your weed or respective whatever into that.

    If done correctly the pipe could last years…hundreds of years, to be more specifically, granted no self-righteous anti-smoking religious fanatics take it upon themselves to take a sludge hammer to it or something of that sort. If you wanted you could even paint it a little if you visited it, like scribble your name down on it and the date you smoked there with a sharpie or do a bunch of hippy flowers all over it or something. That's the beauty of it, since I'd be making it available to anyone who'd want to use it then technically you could consider it a universally owned piece and you could do whatever you wanted for decoration, huh?

    I just thought I'd post this here to get some feedback, tips or suggestions and maybe even get the word around a bit in hopes of perhaps getting a little charitable funding for this project. I've also considered getting a plaque made for the ground right next to it, just for the name of this little monument and a quote to go with it. I was thinking of something like…

    “Sometimes it takes more than one person to light a pipe.” –E. M. R.
  2. That's an awesome idea
  3. that blew my fucking mind
  4. ^^;; Thanks I suppose. Figured it would be good college roadtrip material, too.
  5. Fucking amazing and youd get such huge hits
  6. Do it. id travel aorund the fuckign world to hit that sucka and add some art.
  7. I was thinking perhaps somewhere in Canada along the border between there and the USA, that way it won't be such a long journey for people there and for people here in the states. Pot's legal in Canada, right? I just don't want to get my plan too much ahead without having first gotten all the finer details hammered out.
  8. Wow sick idea man, I would deffinitely lovee to have the ability to hit a piece like that :bongin:
  9. Do people in the US honestly believe that it's legal here?
  10. That would be the coolest reason for a road trip ever.
  11. 7 to 9 feet in length?
    How big are you lungs?

    You'd figure you just toss in a pound per smoke and use a flame thrower to light that beast?:D

    Assuming that all works on earth are you gonna clean that thing?:confused:
  12. Clean it with a huge metal spiky brush. Yeh PRO.
  13. oO No, no, no. I didn't mean you should pack the entire bowl full and smoke it that way, maybe once in a giant celebration or something, but not with just yourself.

    The idea was to make something like a soda can with holes (Yeah yeah, aluminum is a no no, I know already. First person to mention alzheimer's or how bad it is for you is a douche) poked into the bottom so that you can just stick THAT into the bowl and drop your weed ontop of it. That way you could smoke anything from a five bag to an ounce.

    As for the pipe's size however, I don't think it would be much of a problem to hit from. The actual space inside of it wouldn't be all that big, depending on the diameter of the steel piping I run through it from the bowl to the stem where the smoke is going to collect. Have you ever seen those giant long bongs they sell at the headshops? Think something like that.

    Cleaning however....well, I don't imagine it would get resonated for a very long time, but it might be kinda cool to go there and get like a fistfull or two of that slimy black guk to smoke. Haha, just kidding. A big spikey brush is probably the best bet to clean it with, like Skate420 said.
  14. excellent idea sir
  15. Anyone who plays wow as horde should know the taurin did it allready...

    But cool idea.
  16. HAHA i love how you guys think marijauna is legalized in canada. Cracks me up.

    Anyways, I tihnk if you chained a large pole/brush to the thing so everyone can pitch in and keep it clean it would be awesome. I really think we should band together and do this.
  17. Well if more people wanted to help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Even if it was just with some extra cash, like...I don't know. Some sort of, "Skip a nickel bag send a five," sort of day. Heck I might even get a headshop or two to help me fund this, or even Grasscity maybe once I put together a good enough presentation so that they don't think I'm just going to blow all the money on pot or something.

    Ooh, think about it. Headshops and websites could send me free stuff to get their name on this thing. I swear, if RooR or Gorilla Glass sent me something I'd die and smoke in heaven. ^_^

    A chained down cleaning brush sounds like a good idea, and I think one could be easily made for such a task without having to be replaced too often, maybe once every few years or so depending. Makes it seem like a Civil War cannon, doesn't it?
  18. i just smoked a blunt of kush to the face, and even I am not really with this. its fucking far out there, but creative very creative
  19. Haha, I wish that a 5x3 pipe was legal in my park.

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