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    If you look carefully at the picture, you can see a dude with 'baskets' and the chick in white shirt and jeans.

    Apparantly the guy is trying sell those baskets.

    The guy has come all the way to Bangkok, the capital city, from Udon, which is the poorest part of the country, to sell wooden baskets...

    The guy can walk all day and nobody will even ask him how much the basket is...

    I was in my car which was parked right there in the parking lot... and the guy tried to sell the basket to the chick, and the chick acted like he didn't even exist.

    Like, she completely ignored the guy...

    The chick just went that way, and the basket guy noticed me taking picture, and walked over to me.

    Then he said,

    "I'll be happy if you just take a look at the basket and see if it's worth anything."

    And I said,

    "Sure man. Show me."

    And he showed me his basket, and told me it was made by his grandmother by hands, and the wood was real 'wai' wood. (wai wood is a kind of wood that is used for making baskets because it's very strong and flexible.)

    I tested it with my hands, to see if it was strong, and I smelled it, to see if it was real wai wood. And the basket was strong, and indeed made of real wai wood.

    I asked him,

    "How much is it?"

    "250 Baht." (8.33 US Dollars)

    "OK. Give me one."

    And I bought a wooden basket, made by a grandmother, from a dude from the countryside, at one of the most prosperous part of the country.

    After he recieved the money, he said,

    "Thank you sir, I wish you good luck and prosperity."

    And I replied,

    "You too, sir."

    And he was very moved, and gave me a 'Wai'.

    * A 'wai' is Thai way of showing appreciation by putting both hands in a praying motion. It's the most polite way of greeting.

    ** In English, I can only spell it 'wai', the same as the kind of wood I mentioned above, but they have different sounds. The wai as in greeting has high note, while the wai as in kind of wood has a long and dipping note.

    And he said,

    "I hope you make money to fill that basket."

    And briefly I could picture the basket being filled with money. And I laughed and told him,

    "That's a nice thought. Thanks!"

    And then he left.

    The end.
  2. what a fuckin' bitch
  3. Well, can't blame her coz there are a lot of desperate people out there.

    It could be dangerous, especially for chicks...
  4. While it can be dangerous, should still have some kindness in your heart to help those in need. They don't ask for much.

    Given the circumstance, I'm pleased to hear you were there and obliged the man with a purchase.



    +rep when i can next time. damn rep rules....
  5. This is why I always buy my brooms from street vendors. They're made better and last longer.

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