A picture of my piece and favorite blunt

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Woods5050, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. Its a metal pipe had it for a while paid 10 bucks for it at the local headshop, Also their is my favorite flavor blunt PHILLIES BERRY BLUNT some time I smoke outta them watermelon blunt wraps too, Tell me what you think

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  2. i don't know...personally... id get glass and have a garcia green leaf next to it... but everyones different....

    as long as what you have works and gets you high....thats all that matters..:)
  3. nice ...is that a phillie.....i love phillies!!!!!
  4. nice blunt get a glass pipe dude!
  5. dont u hate probation/peroll? or whatever u keep ur pee klean for, I was like that and had alot of threm dreams then i devised a plan, ducktape and a camelback, i ducktaped the camelback to my leg with towels around it so it kept warm then i put the hose on the fly of my pants, when i squeezed my leg there was pressure and it sounded like i was pissing, well that was my dream, not tat I would fake a UT , just saying it has been working for the past few months -=) have a nice day

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