A picture of a soul

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  1. [​IMG]

    or whatever you want to call that lump of fat and water
  2. lol, im high
  3. You gonna eat that?

  4. I would, but I need it for tanning.
  5. Wow that almost looks illegal ;p
  6. What is it? Looks brainy.
  7. Dude what the *bleep* is that?:(
  8. A squirt of lime and a pinch of salt and you'll be living the luxury life.
  9. Come on, Bahooka. Stop being so mysterious. What animal did that brain come from, and how do you plan on preparing it for a meal?

    We all know you're gonna eat it. :D
  10. keep it up bahooka
  11. First bugs... now brains? Hmmmm

    It seems bugs are a gateway food.
  12. It looks too small and neat, to be human :p Is it a lamb, or goats brain?

    "Enquiring minds want to know" :D
  13. Contained within that blob of neurons was the entire personality, memory, behavior patterns--the whole experience of living-- of a whitetail buck.

    I wonder if he went to heaven...

    Oh wait, nope. He's inside a plastic Kroger bag.
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    Yep. Its whole reality was enclosed in a lump of fleshy tissue. Such tragic comedy.

    Check this out btw:


    Explains quite a lot without going down the mystical path.
  15. I totally get the OP and the title now. :) Well played.

    Gotta stop thinking about it before I mindfuck myself too much. :eek:
  16. the brain is the most intricate electronic device known to man.

    i bet itll be delicious
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    That's just the souls receptionist.. the true soul is in the nervous system that sends the data to that lump of fat.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB7jSFeVz1U&feature=related]Ode to the Brain! by Symphony of Science - YouTube[/ame]

    Without the source sending this data, that lump of fat would be as alive as a table.
  18. The brain is a physical instrument which allows us to be conscious in the way we are with these bodies.

    Otherwise, your brain is not you.
  19. swaggin with yo ideas
  20. It makes you wonder...

    If you could reattach that brain to something, somehow turn it back on, would all the memories and personalities it came from still be there?

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