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    Drew this a while ago over the course of a few days on acid/ketamine/mushroom tea/alcohol/weed. I've never been into drawing before and have not drawn anything since. So I figure I'll preserve it into the internet.

    It's an 8.5"x11" paper with about 2" of the bottom cut off.
  2. Not bad , just all the bugs are a bit strange , overall its pretty good.:)
  3. Dude this is really sweet!
  4. Duddde, +rep. That is sickkk
  5. You drew that on all those drugs?
    Put that shit up on your fridge bro haha
  6. Or frame it, seriously.

    I am impressed greatly
  8. Good job.
  9. Looking at this made my mind explode. I think you should re evaluate your intrest/skill in drawing.
  10. Yeah dude, you should keep drawing. That shit is cool.
  11. thats awesome. rep
  12. I would love to look at that trippin' balls. Exellent worrk :)
  13. great pic, especially for someone who doesnt draw much
  14. thanks for the replies i really didnt think it was too great. maybe i'll try again.. have a few ideas bouncing around the ol' noggin, some stuff from many DPT trips heheh.

  15. I tink dem milipedes or centipedes
  16. great drawing, what i got from it was that the eye in the center is the all seeing eye which observes dark and light, good and evil etc. on the left and right side. the section below resembles complete chaos (the true view of the universe) the different planes and realms are infinite (as the multiple eyes suggest), and the top resembles the simplification (or interpretation) of that chaos what we see. the insects resemble decomposing or decaying of every thing within it (the universe). and the greater eye suggests that there's a bigger picture and what was destroyed will happen again (and an infinite number of times). the man on the top left is the overseer who has found this new knowledge and is seeing everything for how it is, everything and nothing at the same time (a paradoxical universe). tell me if you agree or not as this is what i believe.

  17. it brought me to tears how similar your interpretation was
    to mine, every line.

  18. it could be, but capatillers are still the shit.

    OP, what are they?
  19. Fuckin' nice, the bugs creep me out, but I love it. Respect, man. :)

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