A picture and a poem.

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  1. Let's start off with the picture. I made this with a picture of some clouds I took with an old camera of mine, warped it around a bit, and got some pot brushes for PS. I think it turned out pretty nice. Obviously, this is the same picture I used in my avatar and signature, though they look shitty. Haha. It's a pretty big picture, so here's a clickable thumbnail.


    Secondly, here's a free verse poem I wrote about a night that a really good friend and I were really baked.

    Green is the color.
    Crush, stuff.
    Light, inhale.
    Hold, exhale.
    Pass, repeat.

    I'm there.
    Are you there?
    I'm in the bathroom.
    You're in the kitchen.
    I'm making acid in the toilet.
    You're making ice cubes in the microwave.

    What's going on?
    Your mother is trying to make you count?
    I just want to relax.
    Let me dip my chocolate in your ranch.
    Can we listen to a different song?

    I don't want to go to church.
    My skin is still crawling.
    I need some coffee.
    Do you think anyone has noticed?
    This sermon is boring.
    Can we go home?
    I love you, you know?
  2. Great! It is really nice poem and image. Green is also colour of Agriculture. Green is symbol of natural things. Green is also symbol for vegetarian.
  3. Haha. That's funny, considering I'm a vegetarian.:)

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